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The online casino market is rapidly growing and offering players a better experience as new technology becomes available and often is the first to implement these changes. Before drilling down into specific numbers by country, let’s take a look at the global online gambling market.

The most influential factor in these markets is government regulations, which prohibit the rapid expansion of online casinos, but helps to ensure the security of your money and fair play for everyone, which is something you want to find in real money online casinos.

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If we take the market by a segment and not separate countries, Europe is by far the most significant part of the world, and it should keep this dominance in the coming years.

Many European countries have favorable government laws, where operators can obtain a license and offer top casino games from their platform to anyone interested to try it.



Over the last ten years, the EU market became more liberal and moved away from the monopoly model to a multi-licensing system. Most countries offer legal online gambling in one way or another, with very few exceptions on the list.

It is contrary to the situation in the USA, where regulations are stringent, and many states are trying to ban gambling. This is one of the reasons why Europe should remain the dominant force in the gambling field, and only Asia has a shot at passing it over the next decade.

According to the latest research by European Commission, online gambling is not as big of a threat for people as some might think because only a small percentage (around 2.8%) of players gamble regularly, and most online casino users choose this activity as of alternative only when looking to have some fun.

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Most significant international online gambling markets

Slowly but steadily, other markets are also expanding into a significant presence in the world.

It seems that people like to gamble all over the world, and this is not a surprise since the best online casinos are known as places to have a great time and play exciting games wherever you are.

That being said, some countries and regions stack higher than others in the online gambling industry, and we want to share insights and fun facts with you.

Macau gambling industry is worth $37.5 billion

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It may come as a surprise, but Macau is generating five times more gross gaming revenue (GGR) than Las Vegas and has become the capital of the gambling world.

With the latest data showing that 83% of Macau’s fiscal revenues come from some sort of gambling, it is essential to understand how it stacks up with the rest of the world.

Interesting facts about Macau:

  • Five times more gambling revenue than Las Vegas
  • 38 local casinos in Macau including well-known names
  • The fastest-growing casino market in the world
  • Attract the most high-stakes players

While the number of VIP players might not be growing as fast as before, day to day players called “Mass” in the report is rapidly increasing, which indicates that tourism is only expanding and Macau will be able to sustain the most significant growth in the gambling market worldwide.

The USA gambling industry is worth $41.68 billion

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US online casino market is rapidly growing year after year, and while some states are banning online gambling, it does not influence the overall growth of this industry.

It is not a surprise that Las Vegas leads the way with most casinos and revenue compared with other states, followed by Atlantic City, with almost three times less revenue from gambling.

What might be interesting to see is that USA citizens see the benefits of casinos in their place, and rate it very positively.

Interesting facts about US casinos:

  • Sports betting is the most popular online gambling option
  • 43 states have legalized gambling in one way or another
  • 49% of adults have a favorable view of the casino gambling industry
  • 67% think that online casinos provide high-quality entertainment

Canada’s gambling industry is worth $31 billion

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Canada is well known for its liberal online gambling laws, which allow many online casino operators to participate in this industry with much fewer restrictions compared to other countries.

While the whole gambling market is not growing as much as it could be expected under these conditions, the main reason is that the local casino’s revenue is shrinking while the best online casino sites are gaining more and more popularity in the country.

Due to innovations in the best mobile casinos and the accessibility of multiple apps for these devices, the shift is clear towards online destinations with the growing availability of various games from reputable online casino sites.

Interesting facts about Canadian casinos:

  • One of the most liberal gambling markets
  • 216+ licensed local casinos
  • 74,341+ slot machines
  • 40 horse race tracks

UK gambling industry worth £14.4 billion


The United Kingdom is one of the countries where online real money gambling has a bigger market share compared to brick-and-mortar casinos in separate sectors and even outperforms betting.

The UK has many regulated land-based poker rooms, casinos, and even bingo houses, but the best online casinos seem to get the upper hand and continue to grow rapidly even with strict regulation by the government.

Interesting facts about UK casinos:

  • The UK had £7.2 billion in National Lottery ticket sales
  • Online casinos take 37% of the whole gambling industry
  • 8,320 betting shops in the UK
  • 651 bingo premises

Australia’s gambling situation

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Australia has everything that is needed to succeed in the gambling world and is taking this situation to establish dominance in online casinos as well.

With well-known slot games (pokies) and various online casino offers alongside Asian tourists visiting live venues, Australia is definitely a severe force in the gambling world. On top of that, New Zealand is also a force to be reckoned with various sites attracting new players daily.

With the recent growth of female players and the availability of more mobile casinos online, the gross online gaming revenue also keeps growing every year in the Oceania region.

Interesting facts about Australia’s casinos:

  • 13.3% of the adult population participates in Australia’s online lottery
  • 20.9% of adults gamble at least once per year
  • Australians have the highest gambling losses per adult in the world
  • The average loss per player is $699 per year

Most popular real money online casino games

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Sports betting was always leading the way in the online gambling industry, but recently other games are starting to catch up, and especially online casinos that offer slots and table games.

As you can see, online casinos and various gambling operators are growing their market share year to year, and this trend is not likely to change anytime soon.

With the expansion of high-speed internet access, game availability on mobile devices, and the increasing number of women gamblers in the world, these games can offer a lot to you.

  • Sports betting – Betting remains the most popular form of online gambling but is growing slower than other games. While sports betting offers you a way to wager on your favorite sports games and many other events, a big part of this market is unregulated, which probably makes this industry even more prominent in reality.
  • Slots and other casino games – If you are looking for the most popular online casino games then slots easily take this place. With almost half of the players trying slots every time they play in an online casino, other games simply have much less to offer. The second place is taken by blackjack with roulette and casino poker following next, but none of that comes even close to online slots.
  • Poker – Online poker began rapidly growing after Chris Moneymaker won the Main Event at the 2003 World Series of Poker and took down $2.500.000 after qualifying for this tournament just for a couple of bucks. This spiked an interest in online poker and many players tried their luck at this game. However, after the USA banned this game in 2011 on the infamous “Black Friday,” the growth of this industry stopped, and after the initial decline of active players, now it is steadily holding a part of the gambling market.
  • Lottery and bingo – Online casinos are introducing more and more lottery-based games, where you can guess what the next card is, bet on which number will fall from the spinning wheel, and wager on many random events. With bingo also taking a significant place, and with the introduction of live dealer online casino games, it started rapidly growing worldwide.

With the growing demand for online casino games worldwide, it is not a surprise that the mobile gambling sector is seeing a significant boost in traffic as well.

The trend is quite clear, with personal computers losing users and mobile devices attracting more and more players. That is hardly a surprise since mobile casino apps help you enjoy the games whenever you are and have plenty of benefits to offer.

How to choose the best online casino sites for you?

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These days there are many options to choose real money online casino games from basically an unlimited list of operators, so knowing where to look is always a good idea. If you consider these things before signing up for a new online casino, there is almost no chance that you have regrets later on.

⭐ Safety

If you choose from the list of the biggest and best online casino sites, you will not have any security concerns whatsoever since authorities carefully regulate those casinos, and independent parties regularly audit it.

The most significant risk is if you choose less known casino brands, in which case you should manually check if they have a license from online gambling regulators and if their site is encrypted with an SSL certificate to protect your data.

If you find these parameters, you can safely deposit to these real money casinos, and if you do not see that info, I recommend choosing another option.

⭐ Variety of games

While the best online casinos offer plenty of games in one place, not everyone is equally strong in all fields. One operator can provide cutting edge slots with 3D technology while another concentrates more on live dealer games or poker.

So whenever you are looking to join a new online casino, take a few minutes and look at what games they are offering and choose based on what you like the most.

⭐ Bonuses

Joining a new casino online without a bonus is like leaving money on the table since it is effortless to find the best online casino bonuses by searching review sites and seeing what is available in your country.

One thing that you need to consider is the wagering requirement. In simple words, this is a turnover you need to achieve to cash out winning from your bonus.

For example, if you have a 10x wagering requirement in an online casino and you get a $100 bonus, you need to place bets that would total $1000 before you can cash out.

Any requirements that are above 50x are tough to complete, and you should be looking to find casino bonuses around 30x mark, which would make much more sense for you as a player.

⭐ User experience

It is easy to say that you are probably looking to have a good time when visiting online casino sites, so user experience and platform interface does not come last in this list.

Even though you will not be able to find reliable information on casino sites themselves, you can surely quickly get a feel of what they are offering by reviewing forums and seeing what other users have to say.

While you can find players complaining about one thing or another in most cases, you should be looking to see if you can find negative comments regarding cash out and other serious issues, not someone complaining that they lost.

If you fIt is easy to say that you are probably looking to have a good time when visiting online casino sites, so user experience and platform interface do not come last in this list.

Even though you will not be able to find reliable information on casino sites themselves, you can surely quickly get a feel of what they are offering by reviewing forums and seeing what other users have to say.

While you can find players complaining about one thing or another in most cases, you should be looking to see if you can find negative comments regarding cash out and other serious issues, not someone complaining that they lost.

If you find these claims, just stay away from that place since you can easily find good real-money online casinos online.

⭐ Support

User experience is closely related to support, and you should much rather play on a site that offers live assistance than one where you have to wait a week or so until someone answers your email.

While you will rarely need support assistance in today’s casinos since everything from mobile casino operations to cashouts and games runs smoothly, you will surely want to have the option to reach someone if you do have a question or need help in one way or another.

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Before diving into any casino games online, you should make sure to know the answers to the most frequently asked questions, so we made this list for you.

  • Is it safe playing at online casinos?

    One of the most important questions to answer when playing in online casinos is if your money is actually safe, and you can get your winning paid without any struggles.

    Luckily, the most prominent real money casinos take it very seriously and invest a lot in securing your information via SSL certificates, which encrypt data and make sure that your personal information will never become available to 3rd party.

    In most cases, online gambling sites are much safer than land-based casinos since there is virtually no risk of cheating, someone robbing the place, or other scandals that hit brick and mortar places from time to time.

  • How is online gambling regulated?

    The security of online casinos is also ensured by gambling authorities and government regulators in jurisdictions where those casinos are located.

    The biggest and best-known regulators are MGA (Malta Gambling Authority), GS (UK Gambling Commissioner), and Gibraltar’s offices, which ensure fair and safe play.

    Most of the biggest casinos online are regulated under these jurisdictions, which means they are regularly audited for fair play and is bound to offer only the best experience for their players.

    If these sites would have any irregularities in the numbers or suspicions of cheating, they could lose their license, which is very expensive and not easy to get, so there is no point for them to take the risk.

    If you find real money online sites regulated by these authorities, you can be sure that it is safe to play there.

  • How to find the best online casinos to play? offers many insights into the online gambling industry, so you can see what is going on in the online casino world and make your decisions yourself.

    You should also trust the most known casino review sites that offer a fair evaluation of your favorite online games and list the best places to play based on your liking, and most importantly, on what is legal in your location.

    If you are looking to make your real money online casinos experience as pleasant as you can, make sure to find places that support mobile gambling and offers games on various iOS and Android devices so that you could play whenever you want and don’t be limited by your location.

  • What are the most popular games?

    Without question, the most popular game is online slots, which takes the lion share of the market. This is not a surprise since there are various games on offer, and many players can find what they like.

    Then follows various poker formats, other table games such as roulette, blackjack, bingo and all kind of lottery games.

    Lately, live dealer games where you can see your cards dealt in real-time by an actual dealer are also rapidly growing in popularity. It adds a lot of authenticity for the casinos and offers you a chance to feel like you are sitting in one yourself.

  • Which games gives me the best chance of winning?

    Online casinos are set up just like any other business in the world – to earn money. While you surely can get lucky and win in any game that you play, in the long run, casinos pay out a bit less then they collect, and this difference is known as the house edge.

    In some games, the house edge depends on the player. For example, when you are playing blackjack, you can only give the online casino a tiny margin of 0.5% if you know the rules and how to play it, or you can actually leave a lot of money at the table if you are making massive mistakes in your strategy.

    If played correctly, blackjack and video poker is the best games for the player, which gives you the best conditions in the long run. However, if you want massive jackpots and prizes, you will probably find opportunities in online slot games.

  • How we evaluate online casinos?

    We take reviewing process very seriously and do not leave anything to chance. Therefore, we have multiple team members reviewing every casino and spending significant time checking and double-checking all of the details and conditions for the offer.

    The most important factors which we consider are:

    • Licensing & Security
    • Games & Software
    • User experience
    • Bonuses & Promotions
    • Banking options
    • Customer support

    This is a very simplified list, and each of these sections has multiple points that we check. Therefore, you can rest assured that all online casinos are evaluated fairly so you see our honest recommendations.

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