Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix

As a result of its huge popularity, Barcrest released a sequel to their original Rainbow Riches slot machine called Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix together with Scientific Games.

This new version of the Rainbow Riches slot is packed with bonuses as players can now choose out of five different bonus games.

Barcrest also added the Cash Crop, and Gold Bonus features to the slot to spice it up even more. This Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix review will talk about the pros and cons of Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix, all its available features, new mechanisms, and bonus rounds.

If you’re a fan of slots, be sure to read this Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix review before you play the game with real money at stake.

Play Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix

Rainbow Riches casino game bonus

Barcrest is mainly a land-based casino slot machine developer, and we can see that within seconds of opening the Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix slot machine game.

As a player, you get the choose one out of five available bonuses at the start, and the one you pick will land more often on the reels.

Once the game launches, you see a typical Irish slot machine game, with a vibrant and colorful background and a jingly soundtrack starting to play in the back as well.

To the left of the playing field, you will find your betting interface, where you can select how many pay lines you’re playing and what your stake per line will be.

On the right side of the playing field, there are three buttons:

  • One that triggers the autoplay feature,
  • A crown button that allows you to bonus buy your way into a free spin session,
  • And an information button that provides you with detailed information about how the game actually works.

All the way in the top right corner you also have a bonus reset button. With this button, you reset the bonus chosen when the game launched. Once you click it, you will be able to choose another of the five offered bonuses.

Now that we’ve covered all the buttons let’s get into the symbols and playing field.

The playing field of Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix is a typical 3×5 rows and reels playing field, which features card symbols like 10, J, Q, K, and A.

Other symbols include the Rainbow Riches title logo, two different leprechauns, and a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. If you happen to land 3 or more leprechauns, you will get a cash drop bonus of up to 500x your stake, or the Road to Riches bonus game will start, but more on that later.

In a nutshell, Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix is a typical example of Luck of the Irish kind of slot machines casino games.

How to play Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix


Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix free slot

Barcrest and Scientific Games’ Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix is a very easy game to play. You don’t need to think of any difficult strategy like you would with table games like blackjack and roulette.

Rather, just sit back, enjoy the music and graphics, and spin your way to riches easily.

To get started playing the Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix slot machine game, you simply follow these steps:

  1. Play the game on this page, or navigate to the online casino of your liking, open the lobby and search for Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix. (Be careful not to accidentally launch the old Rainbow Riches game).
  2. When the game launches, you will be able to pick one out of five bonuses offered to you. Whichever bonus you choose will land more often on the reels. You can choose up to three bonuses total, but we recommend only choosing one, as otherwise, the chances of the bonuses appearing more often are very slim. Remember that if you accidentally choose the wrong bonus, you can reset it during the game with the ‘Reset Bonus’ button.
  3. Once you have picked your preferred bonus or preferred bonuses, we recommend clicking the I symbol just for a bit before you start playing to know exactly the payouts of all symbols and what the special leprechaun and pot of gold icons do.
  4. With the betting options to your left, you select the number of pay lines you want to play and your wager per spin. You can set this anywhere from $0,01 per pay line up to $25 per pay line.
  5. You could choose to activate the Big Bet option. This costs you 10x your wager per spin, but it will increase your chances of getting your selected bonus massively.
  6. Now that you’re ready to play, you can either manually hit the spin button or use the autoplay feature for up to 25 spins on auto-pilot.

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix Minimum and Maximum Bets

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix is a typical online slot with 20 pay lines on a 3×5 grid. The game pays out from left to right, and you don’t have to play all 20 pay lines.

To the left of the playing field, you will find the betting interface, which you can use to determine your wager per pay line. You can choose to play for as little as $0,01 per pay line, all the way up to $25.

The betting levels you can choose are: $0,01, $0,02, $0,03, $0,04, $0,05, $0,10, $0,15, $0,25, $0,50, $1, $1,50, $2,50, $5, $10, $15, and $25.

Note that these betting levels are per payline and that your total wager will be this amount multiplied by the number of paylines you’re playing per spin.

You can choose to activate the premium play feature. You do this by clicking on the crown icon above the spin button. The premium play feature offers you three choices. Each choice costs a certain amount of money, but you will instantly benefit from the associated bonus. Essentially this is a bonus buy feature.

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix RTP and Volatility

The return to player of Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix is variable. To be more precise, the RTP will be 94% if you wager less than $1 per spin in total. Once you raise your stake to more than $1 per spin, the RTP will rise to a reasonable 96%.

Once you use the Big Bet Premium Play feature, the RTP will increase to just over 98%, making it a very well-paying online slot machine game.

In terms of volatility Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix can be classified as a medium volatility slots game.

This makes it a perfect game for everyone. Playing it will net you quite some low-value wins, which keeps your bankroll in check, and an occasional very big win, to give your bankroll that boost you were hoping for.

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix Bonuses and Features

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix premium spin

Okay, here is the interesting part of the Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix review. As we have already told you in the intro, Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix is a slot machine game packed to the brim with bonuses and features.

Below we will give you detailed information about each of these bonuses and features, and we will explain to you exactly what they do and how they work.

Big Bet Game or Premium Play Feature

If you have played Barcrest slots before, you might already be familiar with the Big Bet or Premium Play feature. This feature costs 2x, 5x, or 10x your normal wager per spin but greatly increases the chance to access the bonus game.

In the case of Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix, this will be the bonus game you selected when the game launched.

For instance, if you have picked free spins, then using the premium play or big bet feature will increase the cost of your wager the next spin but greatly increase the chance for the free spins bonus game to start.

Even if the bonus game doesn’t start, you will still enjoy the increased payouts of that spin

So either way, it’s a nice option to have and use from time to time.

As we have said before, you can choose up to 3 bonuses when the game launches, but the fewer bonuses you choose, the greater the chance you will trigger them. For this reason, we suggest only picking a single bonus, but the choice is yours.

You can always change the bonus you have picked by using the reset button to the right of the playing field. You will have to spin 3, 4, or 5 matching scatter symbols to trigger any special bonus round. It doesn’t matter where they appear on the reels whatsoever.

Road to Riches

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix bonus game

The Road to Riches bonus game starts when you spin 3 or more leprechauns with golden coins in their hands. Here you basically spin a wheel of fortune alike wheel that shows all kinds of different multipliers. You spin this wheel until you land on ‘collect.’

Once that happens, you go back to the base game, and the multipliers will be added to all symbols currently on the playing field.

Pots of Gold

If you happen to spin 3 or more pots of gold during a single spin, this bonus feature will make the pots fly across the reels, each giving you a random multiplier. This is known as the ‘cash drop’ feature of this slot machine game.

Free Spins

Once you spin 3 or more free spins, the free spins mode will start. Three free spin icons will give you 10 free spins, 4 free spin icons will give you 20 free spins, and 5 free spins will give you 30 free spins.

During the free spins mode, the symbols that trigger the free spins will all become stacked wilds, which greatly increases your chances of getting winning combinations of the free spins mode.

Magic Toadstools

The Magic Toadstools bonus game will activate when you spin 3 or 4 toadstools in a single spin. Here you can uncover what’s behind 3 out of 24 offered toadstools.

Under the toadstools can be fairies or multipliers. The multipliers will multiply your current win, while the fairies are fixed cash rewards.

Cash Crop

The Cash Crop bonus will activate if you happen to spin 3 or 4 leprechauns during a single spin.

There will be 50 golden coins spinning that will slowly slow down and reveal cash prizes and multipliers. Once you hit the ”Collect Coin” the bonus game will end, and you are taken back to the base game.

How to Win with the Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix Slot Machine Game

Play Rainbow Riches free demo

You win the Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix slot machine game by spinning winning combinations. Winning combinations are formed by three or more of the same symbols from left to right on any pay lines.

When you launch the game, you can see the pay lines and click on the “I” button. Once you click this information button, you will also see how much which symbols payout, what the best paying symbols are and how many scatter or special symbols you need to spin to activate the different bonus games.

There is no strategy required with Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix, and it all comes down to luck.

Technically you could increase your chances of winning by always using the premium play or big bet feature and by betting more than $1 per spin, as this will increase the RTP of the game from 94% to 98%.

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix Demo Gameplay

If all these different bonus games and additional features seem overwhelming for you, we recommend trying the Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix demo version on our page. You cal also find more free casino games here.

With the Rainbow Riches demo, you get a virtual balance loaded with $1,000 to familiarize yourself with the game.

You cannot win any real money this way, but you can’t lose any money either. We suggest playing the Rainbow Riches demo version first to see if it’s a game you would like to play with real money. The demo version mirrors the real slot machine game and pays exactly the same.

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix Mobile Version

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix are one of Barcrest’s casino games coded in HTML5. This means that you can play the Rainbow Riches game on any Android or iOS device.

All the buttons and text will adjust to the screen size of your device so that you can still read everything clearly and easily press the right buttons.

Note that a stable internet connection is required and that we suggest playing while your phone is charging, as playing casino games on your smartphone use a lot of battery life.

About the Casino Software Provider Behind Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix – Barcrest

Barcrest is one of the most established software providers for real money online casinos. In fact, their history goes all the way back to 1968, at which point all slots in British pubs and casinos were Barcrest games.

Barcrest was sold to Scientific Games about 10 years ago but still holds some of the most iconic slots and titles like Rainbow Riches, Monty’s Millions, and Ooh Aah Dracula.

Most Barcrest slots are labeled ‘classic slots,’ and they don’t tend to focus too much on 3D animations or graphics whatsoever. With Barcrest slots, the actual gameplay is key, and we see that in return to the player and the bonus games of the slots. We highly recommend any slot lover to try out Barcrest slots sometime, just for that nostalgic slots feeling.

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix Review – Our Verdict

We appreciate that Barcrest released a sequel to one of their most iconic slot machine games.

The added bonuses and cash drop features create an almost entirely new exciting game in a ‘Luck of the Irish’ setting.

Although the graphics are far from the most beautiful we have seen so far from other online slot machine games, the gameplay is superior.

With 5 different bonus games, free spins, and a cash drop feature, Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix brings a lot to the table and is definitely worth playing. If you want to try out Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix, we recommend playing the Rainbow Riches demo version first before you wager any of your hard-earned money.

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix FAQ

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