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Last Updated: June 25, 2022


Casino games are fun, but playing them in real money casinos can be expensive. This is why finding free casino games will allow you to play all your favorite titles without any risks.

If you are looking for free online casino games, you have come to the right place.

You can find free slots, blackjack, roulette, and other games on this page.

These games can be played purely for fun without any downloads, sign-ups, or additional input from you. Just fire up your favorite casino game and try it yourself.

  • Zeus Slot
    Zeus Slot
  • Wheel Of Fortune
    Wheel Of Fortune
  • Sweet Bonanza Slot
    Sweet Bonanza Slot
  • Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix
    Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix
  • Plinko Game
    Plinko Game
  • Monopoly mega movers
    Monopoly mega movers
  • Money Train 2
    Money Train 2
  • Joker's Jewels
    Joker's Jewels
  • Gates Of Olympus
    Gates Of Olympus
  • Book Of Dead
    Book Of Dead
  • Bonanza Slot
    Bonanza Slot
  • Aviator Slot
    Aviator Slot
  • Sapphire roulette
    Sapphire roulette
  • Roulette
  • Real roulette with matthew
    Real roulette with matthew
  • French roulette
    French roulette
  • European roulette pro
    European roulette pro
  • European roulette gold
    European roulette gold
  • Double-Ball Roulette
    Double-Ball Roulette
  • American roulette
    American roulette
  • Vegas single deck blackjack gold
    Vegas single deck blackjack gold
  • Multi hand vegas strip blackjack
    Multi hand vegas strip blackjack
  • Multi hand vegas downtown blackjack
    Multi hand vegas downtown blackjack
  • Multi hand european blackjack
    Multi hand european blackjack
  • Multi hand atlantic city blackjack
    Multi hand atlantic city blackjack
  • European blackjack gold
    European blackjack gold
  • European blackjack
    European blackjack
  • Classic blackjack six deck
    Classic blackjack six deck
  • Jacks or Better
    Jacks or Better
  • Bonus Deuces Wild
    Bonus Deuces Wild
  • All Aces Poker
    All Aces Poker
  • Aces and Eights Video Poker
    Aces and Eights Video Poker
  • Ultimate Texas Holdem
    Ultimate Texas Holdem
  • Real baccarat with holly
    Real baccarat with holly
  • Pai gow poker
    Pai gow poker
  • Oasis Classic Poker
    Oasis Classic Poker
  • No commission baccarat
    No commission baccarat
  • Hi-Lo Draw
    Hi-Lo Draw
  • Fortune finder with sarati
    Fortune finder with sarati
  • Baccarat

What are Free Casino Games?

free casino games

Terms free and casino games may not seem like they work well together, but they can if things are done the right way.

There once was a time when real-world casinos were the only ones to offer games like blackjack and roulette, and they couldn’t just let us play for free, as they would be losing money.

With the arrival of online casinos, free casino games were finally made possible.

It doesn’t cost anything to let you play casino games online, so free versions are also available.

Free online casino games are identical to their real money variants, with the big difference being that the money you are betting is not real.

Every time you fire up one of these free games, you will be awarded a stack of play money chips which you can use to play at any stakes you wish.

If you lose it all, don’t worry about it! Simply refresh the game, and a new stack of practice money will be available to play with.

This means infinite fun and gameplay at your favorite casino games, all without any risk involved.

Play Free Casino Games Right Here!

play top casino games free

If you are wondering where you need to go to play these free online casino games, the answer is nowhere! You are already in the right place.

You can pick from a selection of amazing free casino games right here and simply start playing them without any downloads or registrations needed.

It really is as simple as that!

Choose any of the games on our list, and it will load up in your browser and be ready to play.

You will get a balance of free money chips, which you can use to play, and you can set your own stakes and pace.

Here are the most popular slots you can play for free:

  1. Sweet Bonanza 
  2. Rainbow Riches
  3. Aviator
  4. Plinko 
  5. Joker’s Jewels

Keep in mind that the versions of the games you see here are identical to those in real money casinos, so you can even start practicing for any future real money play you may have in mind.

Free Casino Games on Your Mobile

mobile free casino games

You won’t even need to turn on your computer to get full access to all the free casino games on this page. You can play on your mobile phone without even downloading any apps.

The free online casino games presented here are optimized using HTML5 technology, making them fully compatible with any mobile device.

Getting into the action has never been easier than now, with a mobile phone and an active internet connection being the only things you need.

If you don’t trust me, simply pick one of the free casino games on the list and watch it load up in your mobile internet browsers, ready for play within seconds.

Why Play Free Casino Games?

free online casino games

I find free casino games online a fantastic pastime and a great way to try all the new slots and other ino games without paying for them.

Real-money casino games can be expensive even at lower stakes when you run bad, but that’s not the case with free casino games.

You can try many different slots or card games and find out which ones are the most fun and enjoyable for you.

If you are planning on playing casino games for real cash at a later date, free gambling games are a great way to practice your skills and find the very best options.

Without testing the games, you would be walking in blind and risking money that you don’t need to risk on games you potentially won’t like very much.

Instead, you now have the opportunity to enjoy the full scope of each gambling game without ever risking a cent of your own dime before you get into any real cash action.

Free Gambling Games at Online Casinos

free gambling games

While plenty of free casino games are available for play on this page, there are many other games that you can find by actually signing up to online casinos.

You may think you don’t want to gamble for real money, but that’s completely fine! Online casinos offer free gambling games as well.

In fact, you can play practically all of the casino games offered at most online casino sites without ever investing a dime.

The great thing about real money casinos is you can easily switch between free play and real money play, which gives you some extra options.

I like to try each game I want to play for free first and only play it for real money if I am happy with what I see.

Many online slots are too hard to get bonuses or too slow for my taste. That makes trying them in free-play mode first a great option as it saves me the trouble of losing real cash to games I don’t fully enjoy.

Online casinos may also offer you a no-deposit bonus when you first sign up, allowing you to get some real money play without making any deposit.

You will need to register an account to play on some casinos, but some even let you play free money casino games without signing up.

Check out some of the online casinos advertised here for the best no-deposit deals and the biggest free online casino game libraries.

What Free Games Can I Play?

most popular free casino games

There is practically no limit to selecting casino games you can play for free online. Anything from video poker and slots to roulette and card games is available, with many different versions of each.

This is definitely great news for the different types of casino lovers, as my experience is that each casino game has its own fan base, with those who enjoy one not always enjoying the others.

Some of the most popular types of free gambling games include:

  • Free Slots: By far the most numerous, free slots make up the bulk of the overall offer of free casino games. With thousands of games available for free play in this category, you will never run out of new options to try out. If you are just starting with these games, take a look at our tips on how to win at slots.
  • Free Roulette: Roulette could be the most popular single casino game, and that’s why you will find free roulette wheels to play at every online casino out there. Master roulette rules and spin the devil’s wheel for free to enjoy the thrill!
  • Free Blackjack: If you love to play cards and enjoy some strategy, then free blackjack is your game. Learn how to play the perfect strategy by grabbing our blackjack cheat sheet and enjoy the excitement of the most popular card game in the world.
  • Free Poker: Free casino games include dozens of different versions of poker games that you can play against the virtual dealer. Show off your poker skills, make the best hand, and rake in the winnings.
  • Free Video Poker: If you prefer video poker machines over actual poker games with cards, free video poker is also available in its many versions.
  • Free Baccarat: One of the simplest gambling games out there, free baccarat lets you bet as high as possible and play against the house for fun. Find out how high your bankroll can go and just how lucky you can get without any risk!
  • Free Craps: Do you think craps are the most exciting game in the casino? That’s the general consensus, and you now get to play free craps without any monetary risks and with all the exciting nature of the game still on display. That’s the perfect way to learn craps rules and understand basic craps strategy.

There are other types of free casino games available at various online casinos as well, so I recommend signing up for a few and looking over the libraries yourself to get the best insight into all the options out there.

Live Dealer Games

live dealer casino games free

The one category of games that you won’t find for free online are live dealer games, as these require more expense and the casinos prefer to make these games exclusive.

For that reason, you won’t be able to play free live dealer games, and the virtual versions of roulette, blackjack, and other table games will be the only ones available for free.

Yet, once you sign up with any online casino out there, you will get a chance to play live dealer games for real money, whether you decide to make a deposit or you win some cash playing with a no-deposit bonus.

Live dealer games are extremely thrilling and mimic the real live casino feel, so it is somewhat unfortunate they are not available for practice play.

Play Free Money Games Now – No Risk and No Download

free casino games no download

There is literally nothing left to do but fire up your favorite free casino game and enjoy yourself. We have explained how you can play and what games are on offer, and there’s literally nothing to lose.

There is a free casino game for everyone’s taste and preference, and I highly recommend trying quite a few while you are at it.

You won’t need to waste any time downloading apps or signing up for accounts, so you are free just to fire up a game and play.

If you ever decide you want to play for real money, signing up for a real money casino of your choice should take no more than a few minutes.

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