Best Online Casino Bonus Offers and Promotions in 2023

Everyone enjoys good casino bonuses, and online gambling sites offer promotions to both new and existing players. You can get the adrenaline rush in the body while playing casino games using an online casino sign up bonus or one of the other promotions.

After all, why risk your capital when you have options in the form of a bonus?

To help you get up to date information about promotions at the best real money casinos, we created a dedicated guide to the fantastic world of online casino bonuses.

What is a Casino Bonus?

casino bonus

The casino bonus acts as free credit or money that casinos offer players in return for account registration or depositing funds. Casino online bonuses come in various forms with different terms and conditions to suit every player’s requirements and bankroll. 

With relevant information and savvy tactics, you can use online casino promotions to your maximum advantage while playing your favorite games. Typically, the casino bonuses are divided into two main categories:

  • Free Promotions: This bonus type requires players to open an account at their favorite online casino. Since the promotions are generally small, you won’t need to deposit any money in your account. The free promotions are great for testing an online casino and are ideal for newbies to pay in a risk-free zone.
  • Wager Bonus: Another popular bonus type, players must deposit funds in their account to claim the free money. Here, you get extended gameplay without risking the bankroll. It can be an ideal strategy to hit large jackpots or play for a longer time. But they come with detailed T&Cs especially wagering requirements, before you claim the winning amount.

You must treat the casino bonuses as free money, not as a way to increase your bankroll.

A casino bonus isn’t a quick cash-out scheme, so you must use your funds and the bonus properly when playing. Otherwise, it would cost more in due course of time. 

Different Types of Online Casino Bonus

Is the online casino sign up bonus right for me? Is there any difference between a casino welcome bonus and a match deposit bonus? Let’s look at the most common casino online bonuses you will find while playing at your preferred casino.

Welcome Bonus

casino welcome bonus

The casino welcome bonus, popularly known as the signup bonus, is a special promotion offered by casinos on the condition that players register and verify their accounts.

It’s a strategy employed by gambling houses to attract prospective players.

This bonus is available in several forms but always comes as an extra perk for signing up.

It’s crucial to note that sometimes you need a bonus code to get that special promotion or follow an affiliate link on a site like this. In addition, the bonus expires after a certain period, and the expiration date varies from one casino to another.

Deposit Match Bonus

online casino sign up bonus

This bonus type is a part of the welcome bonus or package. This offer will match the funds you’ve deposited in your casino account with the bonus money. Take a 100% match bonus as an instance. 

If you deposit $50 in your account, your deposit matches with an extra $50 in bonus funds.

But this bonus type is not limited to just a 100% match bonus. Online casinos offer more than the amount deposited by players in bonus funds. Examples include a 200% match bonus and a 300% match bonus. 

You will have to make a higher deposit to claim this offer. Also, remember that bonus funds are restricted to the maximum bonus amount and subject to wagering requirements, which is worth checking out before you sign up.

Free Spins Deposit Bonus

Free Spins Deposit Bonus

The casino welcome bonus can sometimes include free spins. The free spin offer is limited to specific casino games, especially online slots with a maximum betting amount.

Some casinos offer up to 50 free spins, while others offer 100 free spins or more, so make sure to look for this particular part.

No Deposit Bonus

online casino promotions

As the name says, you don’t have to make any deposits in your casino account to claim this bonus. As a result, this bonus type is trendy amongst players because you can play real money games without touching your bankroll.

However, the bonus qualifies for specific games only and usually has very high wagering requirements like 70x.

Wager Free Bonus

casino online best bonus

Another casino bonus which is pretty popular amongst experienced players. It can take the form of any bonus type mentioned above, like a free spin bonus or match deposit bonus. No wager-free spins are also famous, and numerous players opt for them.

The concept of wagering free bonus is to deposit funds in your account, receive bonus money, and play the casino game.

At the time of withdrawal, you won’t have to meet any particular wagering requirement. The only limitation, in this case, is the maximum winning amount.

High Roller Bonus

high roller casino bonuses

To claim this bonus type, you would need a good bankroll and higher betting limits worthy of being a VIP. The online gambling sites bestow this bonus on their cheetahs and whales, meaning players who spend a colossal amount playing casino games for real money.

To become a high roller player, you must make heavy deposits, bet maximum limits, and frequently hit high-stakes tables. Then the casino would offer the high roller bonus to match your spending. For example, it might include big cashback or invitations to exclusive events or special tournaments, which is very popular at live dealer casinos.

Online Casino Bonus for Existing Players

online casino bonus

It would be a shame if all the casino bonuses were designed for the newbie players.

What about the casino bonus for people who have been playing regularly at online gambling sites?

The online casinos offer promotions to existing players through free spins and other deposit bonuses like the ones mentioned below.

Reload Bonus

It is a popular bonus type typically used to continue the gaming session or extend the bankroll for longer gameplay. The casino bonus is often used as an ongoing, weekly, or monthly promotion to reward regular players.

The bonus is activated after you have topped or reloaded your casino account with additional funds. 

Reload bonus often varies from one casino to another, and you must do some checking before. Perhaps you’re searching for a reload bonus that offers a reward for using a particular payment option, or maybe you want it to work like a match bonus. No matter what your betting needs are, find a reload bonus that suits your gameplay.

Cashback Bonus

This bonus is for those who have already found their preferred online gambling site and are playing regularly. This bonus offers a rare opportunity to receive funds you have lost while wagering for real money.

The cashback bonus provides a fraction of a player’s losses back to him while playing popular casino games.

You must check the fine print first if you’re searching for a cashback bonus as an arsenal for your betting strategies. Most casinos require you to maintain a minimum deposit in the gaming account and have a cap on the winning amount. Therefore, this bonus is ideal for giving players the chance to win real money which is previously lost.

Loyalty Bonus/VIP Program

This bonus is a kind of free credit offered by the respective casino to reward long-standing players. Just because you have been a regular player at the casino, making frequent high deposit wagers, the gambling house would offer this bonus to honor your loyalty. 

The loyalty bonus often includes rewards, free spins, and an in-house bonus or points system. You accumulate points based on real money wagers, which can be redeemed later for attractive gift vouchers and other cash coupons. 

Before claiming the loyalty bonus, it’s essential to read the terms and conditions to check if you’re eligible for such offers or not.

Casino Tournaments

Another popular online casino promotions, the tournaments are a great way to entice regular players to visit the casino repeatedly. The casino games that are a part of the tournament will have individual player scores and a scoreboard with wagers put together in a prize pool. As a player, you have a good chance of winning big.

Jackpots are also a part of the promotional campaign where numbers of players contribute to the prize pool spanning several casinos. This means you have access to a larger prize pool, and numerous players compete against it.

Special and Seasonal Promotions

Online casinos during specific festivals might provide players seasonal offers for select holidays. The offers could be in the form of special bonuses like deposit bonuses or free spins on certain deposits.

The particular holidays you qualify for the promotions include Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. 

Also, some casinos offer Refer a Friend program making your playing experience ideal with several of your friends’ onboarding. When they register at the casino and make the first deposit, you will receive some bonus funds in your casino account.

At times, you can benefit from online casino promotions that are unique and special, as if it’s your birthday. With free money credited to your casino account, you should keep an eye on the birthday bonus that makes your special day a bit more special.

How to Calculate Online Casino Bonus?

calculating casino bonus

Everyone loves a good match bonus, but when it comes to mathematic calculation, it perplexes many players. In this section, we will explain the casino bonus in great detail so that you can do the maths independently.

The match bonus generally takes the format of up to a .

Take the example of a 100% welcome bonus of up to $200. Here 100% represents the bonus percentage, and $200 is the maximum bonus amount you will receive.

The percentage shows the amount the gambling site will match your deposit. For instance, if you deposit $50, the casino would match another $50 in bonus funds. So consider it as doubling your deposit.

In most cases, the match bonus percentage is 100%. Still, sometimes casinos offer some variations and can offer a 50% match deposit bonus. In that case, if you have deposited $50, the casino will match your deposit by crediting $25 as bonus funds in your casino account.

If you’re looking for the best casino bonus, you might want to learn how to claim it. Take the example of a 100% welcome bonus of up to $100. The maximum bonus you will receive in your account is $100. So if you deposit $150, the maximum bonus would still be $100. 

Casino Bonus Deposit Requirements Explained

casino bonuses

When it comes to casino bonuses, online gambling websites want to make the best use of them and get maximum value out of players.

By adding deposit requirements to the bonuses, the casinos manage the cash flow and mitigate the risk factor.

While avoiding the deposit requirements is impossible, you can make some smart choices to get the most out of online casino promotions.

Check the Type of Deposit

Firstly, analyze what sort of deposit is required for your chosen bonus program. They are generally divided into three groups, namely:

  • No Deposit: The bonus is automatically credited to the player’s account without any initial deposit. But most casinos have some wagering criteria that players must fulfil before they can cash out the winnings.
  • Single Deposit: Players can receive the bonus after making the first deposit. The bonus amount might be small, but they are easy to claim and understand.
  • Multi Deposit: Big bonuses have some complicated deposit requirements. If you want a four-figure bonus, the gambling sites will drip-feed you for several weeks across multiple deposits.

Spare some time analyzing the aforementioned deposit requirements and the amount you want to spend for gambling.

Is the bonus outside your budget? Which deposit requirement would give maximum playing value?

You need to ask yourself these questions before settling on a particular bonus.

Normal or Sticky Bonus

A normal casino bonus would allow you to withdraw the winning to your bank account after meeting the wagering conditions. This generally applies to bonuses with a small amount.

On the other hand, casinos that offer big bonuses won’t allow you to withdraw the winnings so easily.

This is the sticky side of the bonus that you must be aware of, and we recommend paying attention to it.

The bigger bonuses look enticing, but they can overburden your bankroll by twice or three times. It requires bigger deposits, and such bonuses are ideal for only high roller players or people looking for long-term betting strategies.

Deposits Should Adhere to Casino’s T&Cs

Online gambling sites are aware of the bonus abuse and have proper systems to ensure players don’t find loopholes in the casino bonus. Having said that, it’s essential to get acquainted with the casino’s terms and conditions to avoid unwanted hassles in the future.

Some online casinos would automatically add bonuses and other promotions to the player’s account. Depending on the requirements and playing criteria, you can claim or deny such bonuses.

How does the Wagering System Works in Online Casino Bonus?

bonus requirements explained

The bonus funds won’t automatically convert into real cash, meaning you cannot withdraw the winning amount unless you meet the wagering requirements.

Wagering refers to the amount you must bet before converting the bonus money into real cash.

Generally, the wagering ranges from 20x to 50x of the bonus or initial deposit amount. Therefore, checking the terms and conditions to find whether your initial deposit is covered under the wagering requirement is essential. Otherwise, it will make a significant difference.

For instance, if you receive $50 as a bonus with an x20 wagering requirement, you need to wager $1000 before withdrawing the winnings.

The wagering requirement is a crucial element to consider before you claim the best bonuses in online casinos. The wagering requirements usually won’t be so generous if you see a great welcome bonus. Read the terms and conditions properly before taking the offer.

Bonus Limitations and Terms at Online Casinos

casino online bonuses terms

With many good things in life, online casino bonuses also come with some terms and conditions you must abide by. The T&Cs prevent players from taking advantage of the casino’s generosity.

Apart from the wagering requirements discussed above, online gambling sites offer numerous limitations for the match deposit bonus and other promotions.

When you understand the limitations, it will help you play responsibly and use the different terms and conditions of casino bonuses to your advantage.

Time Limitations

It’s a common spectacle to have a time limit associated with the casino bonus and other promotions. The same applies to any free spins that players might benefit from besides regular promotions.

Generally, the time limit is seven days for the welcome bonus, after which the promotion expires. However, sometimes, a particular bonus lasts not longer than 24 hours.

So, bonuses are time constraints, and you should claim them within the allotted time; otherwise, they are useless.

Qualifying Game Limitations

While it doesn’t generally apply to the deposit match bonus, the game limitations apply to the free spins bonus. The free spins are applicable on selected casino games, especially online slots. 

The free spin offer, called bonus spins, often applies to games like Rainbow Riches or Sweet Bonanza due to overall popularity and works alongside a betting limit.

Betting Limitations

Apart from game limitations, the free spin bonuses also have betting limitations, which is a strict limit to the maximum betting amount. In most cases, the limitation applies to the minimum bet for a particular casino game. 

Such limitations are often considered irritating, especially when you have landed some wins out of free spins.

However, similar to bonus funds, the maximum bet amount allowed by the casino comes with a limitation. So, you’re advised to read the T&Cs thoroughly.

Maximum Winning Limitations

The gambling house often attaches a maximum winning limit with the welcome bonus, match 1st deposit bonus, free spins, and other online casino promotions. 

This limitation might vary from casino to casino but is applicable once you choose it. Any winnings you have made while playing casino games using the bonus if it reaches the maximum limit would be fortified. 

Pros and Cons of Online Casino Bonus

Pros and Cons of Online Casino Bonus

It’s very pleasing to avail yourself the casino bonuses which can turn the game in the player’s favor. At the same time, you might be pulled into a disadvantageous side if you’re careless about reading the terms and conditions. 

To make the best use of the casino bonus, you must be aware of its bright and dark sides, which are discussed below.

Pros at a Glance

  • Motivating Rewards – Most players crave money while gambling online, and if there’s an opportunity to claim cash rewards, everyone tries to make the best use of it. Online gambling sites offer a match deposit bonus and reload bonus doubling the reward. Also, it brings out the thrilling and adventurous aspect of playing online.
  • Boost for Newbie Players – If you’re a new and inexperienced player, you will have challenges in your gambling journey. However, the casino bonus and free spins minimize risks and avoid potential losses from your bankroll, letting you essentially play free casino games. Therefore, with no deposit bonus, you can play certain games for real money without touching your bankroll.

Cons at a Glance

  • Wagering Requirements – It is considered a significant obstacle when cashing the winning money into the individual bank account. Online casinos put heavy restrictions on cash-out bonus winnings in most cases.
  • Expiration Dates – Even if you’re able to get the best casino bonus if you aren’t able to claim it within a specific time, it’s useless. Most bonuses have an expiry date of 7 days, and you would come across promotions that offer 30 days expiry once in a blue moon. If you’re an occasional gambler, using a bonus within the time frame would be tricky.

What Payment Method is Best for Online Casino Bonus?

best online casino promos deposits

Considering banking options while playing at online casinos and claiming bonuses is always a good idea. You need to consider the various payment methods and available bonus offer associated with them.

Some deposit methods would be ideal for claiming fat bonuses, while others are ideal for smaller options.

Here’s a rundown of the popular banking methods available at online casinos for claiming bonuses.

Credit and Debit Cards

Most online casinos would let you make deposits using credit and debit cards like MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. But you can’t use the same option to withdraw the winnings. But you can have peace of mind knowing that the above cards are widely used for claiming deposit bonuses and reload bonuses.

Prepaid Cards

PaySafeCard is a popular prepaid card many players use to make deposits at online casinos and claim bonuses. However, you should remember that you can’t use this same payment method for withdrawals. The prepaid cards are suitable for all casino bonuses because the cash limits can be pretty high.


When it comes to making online casino payments, nothing beats the ease and convenience of eWallets. But remember that few casinos won’t allow this payment method for withdrawing funds. Additionally, it’s important to note that most casinos won’t accept Skrill payments for claiming bonuses as Skrill has its partnered casino deals.


This banking option has become quite popular recently, with many online casinos accepting crypto deposits and withdrawals. However, you won’t be able to claim every bonus, though exclusive deals and promotions are available, especially for Bitcoin users.

Pay by Phone

This payment option allows you to make some deposits in your casino account and pay the balance with your mobile bill at the end of every month. Pay by Phone can be handy only for claiming small bonuses. Please remember you can’t withdraw bonus winnings using this banking method.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino Bonuses

choose best online casino bonuses

The best way to select a bonus is by using clever tactics. Understanding how the casino bonus works, understanding wagering requirements, and reading about the bonus T&Cs can help players to make the bonus work in their favor.

To help you get the upper hand while gambling online, we have curated a short guide to help you select the best online casino bonus.

Read Terms and Conditions Properly

Casino online bonuses have attached terms and conditions, which are never advertised with the bonus. You must use your due diligence to understand and read between the fine prints. You must read the T&Cs thoroughly before you decide whether to claim the bonus or not.

Some standard terms include how many times I need to play games, maximum betting limits, expiry period, particular payment methods, etc.

Try to find the answer to these questions to get a complete picture of the bonus. Understanding the terms will help you make the most of the bonus and avoid unwanted hassles.

Check the Wagering Terms

Casinos are pure business groups functioning for the sole purpose of raking profits. The gambling sites can impose wagering conditions before you can cash out the winnings.

Therefore, we recommend choosing an online casino offering a no deposit bonus. Activating the bonus is easy, and you play real money games without making any deposit or putting any cash at risk.

Check the Reputation of Online Casino

Getting excited about bonuses at an insecure and unreliable casino site is nothing short of foolishness. Always check the reputation and safety measures of the gambling site. Ensure the casino is licensed and regulated by gambling commissions like UK Gambling Commission(UKGC) or Malta Gambling Authority(MGA).

Some online casinos employ black hat marketing tactics to scam potential and ignorant players. Never get duped into giving sensitive information online; conduct security checks to verify the authenticity of the casino site. Read reviews to find out how easy it is to claim the bonus and the different wagering requirements.

Check Game Requirements

Online gambling is fun; many people register at casinos to play games and have a great time. However, you might be interested in using the bonus on a particular game, so make sure that it is offered.

For instance, you have signed a casino to play blackjack, but the bonus is available only on roulette. So, you’re less likely to place a good bet.

You’re likely to lose when you want to use the bonus on a particular game just because you’re getting the bonus and don’t understand the gameplay. So that bonus won’t serve you any good. Instead, you should settle for a bonus on available games where you are confident and can easily optimize your winnings.

Always Have a Budget

Gambling is fun but can be addictive at times. The chances are winning are slim because it’s challenging to beat the house edge every time. With no budget or proper bankroll management, you’re likely to lose a lot of money. It’s advised to keep your gambling habits in check.

There are hundreds of bonuses, and you can’t claim all of them. Claim only those bonuses you can properly clear without wasting your time and money. 

Validity of Bonus 

All online casino bonuses have an expiry period, whether hours, days, or weeks. It’s essential to claim the bonus within the said time; else, it will expire.

Bonuses with a longer expiry period are better because you have less pressure to place bets and can take time to analyze things.

Look for Special Occasions

Online casinos often offer bonuses to mark special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or festivals. These include New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving Day. So you’ll likely earn generous bonuses if you play casino games during those special occasions.

Why do Casinos Offer Bonuses?

By now, you have a clear idea about the different types of casino online bonuses. The best part is that with so many online casinos, it’s possible to claim a bonus every day. But the question arises why do these websites offer bonuses to the players?

Bonuses are regarded as incentives given by online casinos so that players can deposit money and play for a longer time.

However, don’t understand the bonus as a gift from gambling sites. While you can undoubtedly win prizes using a casino bonus, numerous players don’t, and casinos make a good chunk of money.

The whole point of an online casino offering bonuses is to create an excellent incentive for its players. The bonus encourages players to register and play at a particular gambling site over others.

With so many online casinos in the iGaming industry, stiff competition exists. Every casino wants to beat others and emerge as a winner, they offer reward programs in the form of best casino bonuses and promotions.

Get The Best Casino Bonus – Final Thoughts

As you probably know, we don’t post every single bonus across online casinos on our website. We only post bonuses that are reliable and available from reputed online casinos.

This is done to safeguard the players’ interests and have a sound gambling experience.

Whether you’re interested in a welcome bonus, reload bonus or free spins, we have covered everything you need to know.

Finally, we would like to say that bonuses might increase your chances of winning, but they usually come with strings attached. Therefore, read T&C to understand the demands and try to read between the fine lines before claiming any bonus.


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