Top 15 Casino Slot Machine Secrets That You Should Know

Casino slot machine secrets

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Last Updated: September 22, 2023


Top 15 Casino Slot Machine Secrets That You Should Know

Slot machines are arguably the most popular casino game you can play. But, because they’re primarily luck-based, slots are mostly shrouded in mystery, and there are many slot machine secrets casual casino players don’t know.

If you want to bring your slot game to another level, knowing these slot secrets can go a long way. On this page, we’ll shine a light on the top casino slot machine secrets you need to know before playing.

1. Casinos Want You to Get Attached to Particular Slots

There’s a reason why slots are placed in a particular spot in the casino. This applies particularly to large land-based casinos, as slot placement is never random, even if it sometimes feels like it is.

Moreover, the visual appearance and design have nothing to do with this.

Often, the slots that earn the casino the most money are placed in the most visible spots. Casinos want you to focus and get attached to a particular game right when you walk into a venue or load up the casino site.

This is because most players are likely to continue playing the same game even when they’re not doing so well.

Now that you know this secret, you know to avoid the first casino slot machines you encounter because these will most likely be disadvantageous for you.

Moreover, you shouldn’t shy away from changing the machine if you feel it’s cold and not paying out enough.

2. Picking the Right Slot Makes a Huge Difference

To a large extent, one of the tricks to winning on slot machines is picking the right game. There are many different options and themes out there.

Naturally, some slots pay out more than others.

For instance, a classic reel slot machine will almost always pay more than a video slot. This is because the latter is more expensive to maintain for the casino and is more appealing to the casino players.

Oppositely, as classic slots aren’t so complex and attractive to players nowadays, they often offer better payout rates to entice players to play them.

This is why it’s best to always do a bit of research before playing a new machine. Picking the right slot based on your preferences and bankroll will make a noticeable difference in your overall success.

Secrets to winning on slot machines

3. It’s Impossible to Beat a Slot Machine in the Long Run

Besides the occasional life-changing jackpot some players might win, the harsh truth is that it’s simply not possible to beat a slot machine in the long run.

You might feel like you’ve cracked all casino slot machine secrets, but in the long run, you’ll always end up on the losing side.

It’s no secret that slot games are programmed and manufactured to pay out the preset percentage and make money for the casino. In most cases, you can check what these payout rates are.

But, what is a secret is that in some US states and countries around the world, the casinos aren’t obliged to tell you what the return to player (RTP) is.

This means that the payout percentages can be very unfavorable, and you don’t stand a chance without even knowing it.

So, with these slot machine secrets exposed, we strongly advise you to only stick with casinos that publicly list payout numbers so that you at least know what to expect in the long run.

4. Casinos Can Change Odds When They Want

In line with the previous secret, it’s also crucial to know that the casinos can change the odds of any slot machine if they want to.

Most gambling venues avoid doing so because it involves a lot of regulation and hard work, so they need a strong reason to go down this route.

With that being said, the casino can change the odds whenever it wants to. If you ever see casino employees reprogram the slot machines you like playing the most, make sure to ask around about any recent changes.

This way, you’ll be certain you’re still getting the best odds for your money.

5. The Maximum Bet is The Way to Go

When it comes to slot machine tricks, betting maximum coins with every spin is certainly one of the most underrated ones.

At first glance, this may seem like a poor betting tactic, as you stand to blow through your bankroll much quicker than you would by betting with smaller amounts.

That said, there is a method to the madness when it comes to this tactic.

On most slot machines, you can only activate all of the available jackpots and bonus features if you bet the maximum amount. In return, this allows you to wager in the most favorable conditions.

This is one of the casino slot machine secrets that operators don’t want you to know. They want you to gamble with smaller amounts more frequently at a more unfavorable payout rate, as this makes them the most money in the long run.

Of course, don’t force maximum bets if your bankroll can’t sustain them over time. There’s nothing wrong with dropping down in bet sizes until you’re sure you can afford to bet the maximum amount with each spin.

Slot machine secrets exposed

6. Every Bet You Place Is Tracked

Another secret you should know about playing casino slot machines is that every move you make is being tracked by the house.

From the moment you pick one of many slot types on offer and sit down to your very last bet, the casino collects and analyzes information about your session.

This happens because of several reasons. Firstly and most importantly, the casino does this to monitor any suspicious behavior and control any players trying to cheat the system.

Secondly, casinos track your slots bets for marketing purposes.

Gathering information on their players’ habits and interests helps casinos develop and market their slots to always keep you coming back for more.

If you’re playing games in an online casino, this process is even more straightforward for the casino, as it tracks all of your activities under one player account.

7. Slot Games Are Purposefully Fast

One of the main measures players use to calculate overall profit on a slot machine is the time they’ve spent playing the game.

But, what many video slot players don’t know is that casinos don’t only want you to stick with a slot game for as long as possible. They want you to play it as fast as possible.

Considering that, these games are purposefully designed to be fast. If a spin takes ten seconds, the casino is making much more money in the long run than if a spin was to take twenty seconds.

This is one of the main reasons casinos slowly phased out slot machine arms over the previous few decades.

Pressing the buttons allows for much faster gameplay than pulling the lever every time.

Casinos don’t want you to take your time with each spin, but this is exactly what you should do. The slower you spin, and the smarter you bet, the more time you’ll spend enjoying the game overall.

After all, gambling is about getting entertainment value, and taking it slow provides you with more entertainment value for your bankroll.

8. Past Slots Payouts Are No Indicator of Future Results

Although there are payout rates and expected odds you can go by, these numbers don’t guarantee that you’ll actually win the listed amount over time.

Past results can vary significantly from future ones.

Just because someone won a nice amount playing a slot machine doesn’t mean that everyone else can expect similar results in their sessions.

Each spin is different and independent from the previous one. So, don’t try to look for any patterns to try and win playing slots.

Slot machine secrets

9. Not Everyone Is Eligible for the Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpot slot machines like Mega Moolah slot are one of the player favorites in every casino. But, what most people don’t know is that not everyone is eligible for the progressive jackpot.

In other words, you need to bet enough money on each spin to be eligible for a potential win.

For example, on a four-coin progressive slot machine, you can’t win the maximum jackpot if you bet only two coins per spin. If you’re playing a progressive game, always check whether or not you’re making big enough bets to meet the main jackpot requirements.

Otherwise, you’re just playing a progressive slot without a chance to win a jackpot, which is exactly the opposite of finding secrets to winning on slot machines.

10. Payout Tickets Exist for a Key Purpose

This doesn’t apply when you’re playing online but has a significant impact on your overall slots experience if you’re playing in a land-based casino.

In most casinos worldwide, you won’t get a cash payout directly from a machine when you win money and want to withdraw it.

Instead, you’ll get a payout ticket, which you have to take to a separate machine or the casino exchange cage.

These payout tickets exist for a very specific purpose from a psychological standpoint. When you get such a ticket, you’re more likely to continue playing in the casino, as you won’t feel like you’re holding real money.

Like playing with casino chips, betting with tickets makes it easier to spend more money than playing with cash.

This is why you should always cash out the tickets immediately after a win and not keep it to bet with later. This is one of the biggest casino slot machine secrets that most people never even think about.

11. The Slot Bonuses Don’t Exist For You

Slot bonuses and player reward clubs are undoubtedly advantageous, as you can gain additional value from the money you put into gambling.

That said, the sole purpose of these bonuses and promotions isn’t to give you the best value for money. It’s just another marketing tactic on the casino’s part to attract players.

Just like analyzing your bets, the casino also analyzes your likes, dislikes, and betting habits to create the most enticing bonus offers that will ensure they get the most money in the long run.

In other words, it’s a strategy to retain you as a customer and get you to spend more money over time.

12. Class II Slots Aren’t Real Slots

If you’ve gambled a lot in casinos, especially in the US, you might have noticed that some machines are marked as Class II Slots.

Despite the “slot” part of their name, these games aren’t really slots. They are significantly different from the regular Class III Slots, which are the proper slot machines.

In short, Class II Slots are pre-programmed bingo or keno games. They feature a slot machine layout simply for visual and entertainment purposes.

If you’re primarily interested in playing slots, avoid Class II Slot games, as you’ll just be playing computer bingo instead of a regular machine.

Tricks to winning on slot machines

13. Most Slot Machines Don’t Involve Any Skill

Despite the countless slot machine guides promising slot machine secrets exposed, the reality of these games is that most of them are entirely luck-based.

Although some modern slot machines do involve a certain degree of skill, the outcome in most slot games is still just pure luck.

Even in slot machines that have additional gameplay features such as the stop button, this feature is there just to control the reel animation and not the actual outcome.

There is a niche of “skill stop slots,” but unless this is transparently listed in the game, it’s safe to assume you’re not playing one.

14. A Win Doesn’t Mean You’re In the Black

We often associate casino slot machines with the famous jingles that start playing every time a player lands a win. But, even if you hear a jingle at the end of your spin, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve won.

This is because most casinos nowadays play a jingle for any amount you win, not only for the biggest jackpots.

From the player’s perspective, this is a bit unfortunate and even unfair. You can get your hopes up by hearing the jingle, even if the total win is less money than you’ve initially wagered with your spin.

So, don’t allow the animation to fool you. Always check and compare how much you’ve won versus how much you’ve bet to know your real situation.

15. There’s No “Right Way” To Bet on Slot Machines

Considering all of the casino slot machine secrets we’ve exposed on this page, the final thing you should know is that there is no right way to gamble on a slot machine.

Unless you’re engaging in some sort of cheating or advantage play, these games will always be unpredictable and completely random.

So, instead of trying to find the best ways of winning at a slot machine, it’s better just to focus on the game and enjoy. It’s far more important to develop a good bankroll management strategy and responsible betting habits.

Casino Slot Machine Secrets – Summing It Up

At the end of the day, it’s crucial to remember that a casino is a business like any other. The house is in it to make money, and slot machines are one of the biggest money-makers for every casino.

Hopefully, the slot machine secrets we’ve exposed on this page have helped you gain a better insight into these games and will assist you in becoming a more successful slots player.

Now that you know these 15 slot machine secrets most casinos don’t want you to find out, you can use them to your advantage and make smarter and more optimal bets.

With a bit of luck and the information on this page, you’ll be raking in profits on your favorite slot games.

And, if you feel you need to practice a bit first, check out our top picks of free Facebook casino games to get started with no risk involved!

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