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all about norwegian casinos

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Last Updated: June 19, 2023


Even if you only have little knowledge of the casinos in your home country, you must also know the casinos in Norway.

The Norwegian online casinos are known for their large selection of games, high quality, and good bonuses. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

What Is a Norwegian online casino?

In addition to the language, there are a few character traits that distinguish Norwegian casinos from other casinos.

First of all, you can often find more offers and promotions at Norwegian casinos, such as those found at Casinotopsonline. On this site, the Norwegian casinos are compared to each other.

It becomes clear that the bonuses are often more favorable than their neighbors in Denmark or Sweden.

But the games at the Norwegian casinos are often the same that you will find at the regular casinos, such as poker and blackjack. Therefore, there is still something recognizable about the Norwegian casinos.

Find the Norwegian Casinos at CasinoTopsOnline

If you don’t speak Norwegian, it’s difficult to know where to start. Instead, you can pay attention to CasinoTopsOnline. Since 2011, this casino guide has been helping players find the best casinos through reviews and ratings.

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The casinos are assessed according to a specific ranking guide, which includes quality and credibility as well as factors such as license and bonuses. This way, the user can get the latest information about the games.

Winnings at Norwegian casinos

When you find bonuses at Norwegian casinos, there are a multitude of different types. This includes everything from deposit bonuses and free spins to casino bonuses without deposits and welcome bonuses.

In many ways, the bonuses are reminiscent of other casinos, but they are often more profitable than them. This means that you can often get big wins just by signing up on the casino site.

Responsible Gaming

At CasinoTopsOnline, there is an emphasis on responsible gambling. Any good gaming experience can quickly turn into the opposite if you are exposed to cheating or you don’t think the game is fun anymore.

Therefore, it is important to choose casinos where you have the opportunity to stop while the game is good. Within the casinos, you can find pages where you can seek help and limit your play if you need it.

Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto

In Norway, there are two companies that have a monopoly on gambling, namely Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto. Norsk Tipping offers lottery, betting, and other games, while Norsk Rikstoto offers horse racing.

But the market is still limited, as only the two providers are allowed to offer games to Norwegians.

Gambling Regulations in Norway

Gambling is, therefore, still regulated in Norway and has been heavily regulated for as long as it has existed. It was with the Gambling Act in 1992 that Norsk Tipping got the right to offer lotteries and betting.

However, there is an exception. Today there are some charities that are licensed to offer lotto games.

That said, Norwegians can play legally on foreign sites that foreign gambling providers own, as it is not in violation of the Norwegian gambling law.

License from Foreign Authorities

Today, you can play on Norwegian sites that are regulated by gambling authorities abroad, such as the Malta Gambling Authority.

However, the country’s gambling authority may well stand in the way of Norwegians playing on foreign sites if the sites are primarily targeted toward Norwegians.

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The Norwegian gambling authorities can put an end to trade between the sites and Norwegian banks and financial institutions, so players cannot make transactions with the casino site.

This can also happen, even if foreign game providers actually offer games legally to Norwegian consumers. Therefore, you must always check the rules, regardless of whether you are Norwegian or a foreigner playing on the casino site.

Land-Based Casinos

When it comes to land-based casinos, of which there are a few in the U.S., for example, it is not legal to operate them in Norway.

In Norway, online and land-based casinos are not separated from each other according to the Gambling Act, where every gambling activity must be regulated by the state. In some cases, it is legal to play on land.

This applies to bingo games or poker tournaments where the purpose of the game is humanitarian. This means that the money must either go to charity or that there is another social purpose for holding the lottery in that area.

However, it is still a requirement that there are certain game regulations present for the tournaments, as all players must be over 18. At the same time, the prize must not exceed NOK 2 million.


As this article shows, there is a lot to know about the Norwegian casinos. First and foremost, they are very similar to foreign casinos in appearance and the selection of games.

But there are often a few extra benefits, as the bonuses are often better than at foreign casinos.

Because the gambling law is different from other countries, you must remember to keep an eye on the rules in both countries so that you do not come into conflict with the law.

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