Angle Shooting

Angle shooting

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Last Updated: December 2, 2021


Angle Shooting Description – Gaining Unfair Advantage Over Opponents

Angle shooting is the action of using unfair or unethical methods to take advantage of inexperienced or unskilled poker players. Players who angle shoot generally do so to gain some sort of information over their opponents.

It’s crucial to highlight that the angle shooter isn’t technically a cheater, as they are playing on the margins of legal play.

The angle shooter’s actions aren’t illegal, but they are certainly not moral and good-spirited.

For example, there’s only you and one opponent in the final betting round of a poker game. You put half of your chips in the pot. Your opponent motions like they’re going to call your bet, and you make an instinctive subconscious sign.

They stop suddenly, having obtained additional information they can use to call, fold, or raise your bet. This move is called angle shooting and is very much against poker etiquette.

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