Beginners Guide to Baseball Betting in 2024

beginners guide to baseball betting

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Last Updated: December 19, 2022


After a spell of long winters, the baseball season is back, and so is entertaining baseball betting. If you’re still enjoying casual betting with friends, you must try baseball betting, which is one of the most entertaining bets. So, learn all the tips and tricks here.

The season of Major Baseball League is all set to entertain fans with marvelous performances. Sports bettors keep an eye on the latest MLB predictions to place the best bets.

So, it’s not late as here is a complete beginner’s guide to Baseball betting in 2024. Let’s have a look!

What Is Baseball Betting?

Baseball betting has a low-score nature; as a result, the bet where you pick the winner or loser outright is quite popular, and it’s called Moneyline.

Total and runline betting are also quite popular. To start with, there are nine players on each team. A player throws the ball, and he is called the pitcher.

The player runs after striking the ball across four bases. When a player runs four bases, it is called a run. Meanwhile, pitchers and fielders attempt to get batters and runners out.

Also, each team has nine innings. In addition, the home team bats second, i.e., at the “bottom” of the inning, and the visiting team forever bat in the “top” of the inning.

How to Bet on Baseball?

To bet on baseball, you can either visit land-based sportsbooks or try online sportsbooks. New trends are shaping the future of online betting and making it robust.

You just have to sign up, deposit cash, and avail of various sign-up bonuses. Then, with the help of a competitive bonus, you can read the best lines and place your wager.

how to start betting baseball

In addition, the security and payment methods follow strict privacy, which makes this thrilling experience safe.

To bet on baseball, you must be familiar with the most popular types of bets:

Moneyline Betting

It’s the most basic and best type of bet for beginners in baseball betting. First, you have to pick who is going to win the game.

For example, Team A -200 and team B +170 means team A is the favorite and has high chances of winning, whereas Team B is the underdog and has chances of losing. So, pick a team and choose your winner.

Runline Betting

Runline betting and points spread betting of other games have quite common similarities. So, in the baseball runline, there are -1.5 runs for the favorite with variable odds.

So, for example, you can place a bet on a -1.5 handicapped team, which means it has to win by at least two or more runs. Also, this bet is valid if the game goes up to nine or 8.5 innings and the home team is ahead.

Total Betting

In total betting, you have to predict the total runs in a game. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses. For example, Team A has Over 9.5 (-110), and Team B has Under 9.5 (-110).

So, if you bet on Team A, it must win by over 9.5 runs. On the other hand, if you bet on Team B, it must lose by 9.5 or more runs or win outright.

Guide to Baseball Betting in 2024

Here are some very useful tips which will help you develop skills and master baseball betting:

Start Slow

Baseball betting skills develop with experience and dedication. So, don’t dive into it. Instead, start slow by exploring the bets you’re sure of. This will boost your confidence and prolong your journey.

Bankroll Management Is Necessary

Bankroll management is very necessary for baseball as the bets are quite tempting. So, trust your skills and knowledge and don’t take big risks.

baseball betting for beginners

One great idea is to dedicate 2 to 10% for each bet out of your total bankroll. So, only wager what you can afford to lose.

Study All the External factors

Proper knowledge of the venue, weather, and umpires can help you decide your predictions. These external factors are as important as a team and individual player performance.

Avoid Big Favorites

Oddsmakers in baseball know that recreational bettors will blindly bet on the favorites. As a result, they up-level the odds of favorite teams. So, study both teams accurately while placing the bets.

Reverse Line Movement Can Be Beneficial

A reverse line movement happens when all sharps (experienced bettors) are betting against the odds. Then, oddsmakers move the lines in the reverse direction to add action to both sides.

Follow these stats for more successful bets, and always watch for reverse line movements.

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