Big Blind

Big blind

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Last Updated: November 30, 2021


Big Blind Description – A Forced Poker Bet That Drives Action

A big blind bet is a common mandatory bet in poker games that don’t generally have antes. The best-known example of this is Texas Hold’em.

Looking at this position, the player who sits two seats to the left of the dealer is the one who pays the big blind. The dealer position moves clockwise after every hand, and the big blind position always follows it.

For example, if you’re playing in a game with $50/$100 blinds with ten players at the table, you’re paying $150 for every lap around the table for the small and big blind.

This means you have to play and try to win. Otherwise, you’re just throwing money down the drain.

So, the big blind motivates the players to take a more active approach in the game, as they have a monetary stake in the hand from the get-go.

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