Casino Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts for a Pleasant Gambling Experience

The Dos and Don'ts for a Pleasant Gambling Experience

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Last Updated: September 7, 2023

Alex Zlatanovic

If you plan on visiting a land-based casino, there are rules to follow. These range from having a game breakdown to ensure you know the rules, to behaving properly. Basically, you’ll be in a James Bond film, except for the part where he fights.

So, if you’re new to the world of land-based casinos, this guide will provide advice to clean up your act and avoid standing out in what is essentially a social experience everyone has a right to enjoy.

The Dos and Don’ts You Must Know To Play At Land-Based Casinos

  • Do: Dress Appropriately

Casinos often have dress codes, and it’s a good idea to check in advance. Some establishments require formal attire, while others are more relaxed. Regardless, dressing neatly and presentably shows respect for the casino and its patrons.

  • Don’t: Use Your Phone at the Table

We know that, like many people, your smartphone is often glued to your hand. This won’t fly in a casino. It can be considered cheating, and it’s extremely annoying for other players to wait for you. So, if you can’t control your impulses, maybe turn it off, or leave it in your hotel room. Trust us, everyone hates the guy texting at the table.

  • Do: Follow the Dealer’s Instructions

It's important to listen to the dealer when playing

The dealer is a professional. So, please follow his instructions. He’s not here to trick you but to ensure fair play and a smooth experience for everyone. His directions are also here to avoid delays and frustration around the table so that everyone has a good time.

  • Don’t: Hog Multiple Seats or Machines

It’s important to be mindful of others in the casino. Don’t occupy multiple seats at a table or reserve several slot machines at once. Share the space so that everyone can enjoy their gaming experience.

  • Do: Tip the Dealers and Staff

Tipping is customary in casinos, and it’s a way to show appreciation for good service. Even if you’re losing, remember the staff isn’t the cause, they’re just working here. 

  • Don’t: Be Rude or Disruptive

Maintain a respectful attitude towards both casino employees and fellow players. Cursing isn’t only unpleasant and hurtful, it’s also a sign of pettiness and weakness. Don’t forget that everyone is there to have a good time, not to quarrel with you over chips.

  • Do: Practice Good Hygiene

Personal hygiene matters in a public space like a casino. Be sure to have a clean and professional appearance. 

  • Don’t: Drink Excessively

Don't drink excessively when gambling

While it’s okay to enjoy a drink or two at the casino, excessive drinking can lead to disruptive behavior and poor decision-making. Know your limits, and drink responsibly. Casinos are not the place for drunkenness.

  • Do: Know the Rules of the Game

Before sitting down at a table or inserting money into a slot machine, make sure you understand the rules of the game. Ignorance of the rules can slow down the game and annoy other players. If you’re unsure, ask the dealer or a casino staff member for clarification.

  • Don’t: Chase Losses

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the casino and chase after losses. However, this can lead to financial troubles and frustration. This means setting a budget for your time there and not going overboard. Remember, gambling should be for entertainment, not a way to make money.

  • Do: Be Mindful of Personal Space

Respect the personal space of other players. This includes not leaning over or invading their area, and not speaking too loud. Casino games can be intense, and some players may need a bit of space to concentrate. For TV lovers, take for example how Silvio reacts in The Sopranos during the card game. You could face such reactions when invading one’s personal space.

  • Don’t: Forget to Cash Out

If you’re playing slot machines, don’t forget to cash out your winnings when you’re done. Leaving credits on a machine can cause confusion and inconvenience for the next player. You’ll also be losing money, not sure if you want that to happen!

Adopt The Behaviour You Want To See In Others

The casino is a social place, you’re not alone, and you should act accordingly. Of course, you don’t need to behave like you’re an aristocrat, if that’s not your style. However, like in any public place, adopting reasonably correct behavior is key to enjoying the experience and allowing others to do the same.

So, be on your best behavior; other players and the staff will appreciate you more, and you’ll be able to enjoy your time without any disturbance.

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