Dragon vs. Phoenix Slot Review by Dice Girl – Uncover the Slot Showdown of Legendary Beasts

Dragon vs. Phoenix Slot Review by Dice Girl

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Last Updated: November 1, 2023

Alex Zlatanovic

In the thrilling realm of online slots, where fortunes are won and lost with the turn of a reel, there emerges a clash of mythical titans like no other.

“Dragon vs. Phoenix” has taken the casino world by storm, boasting an epic battle between two legendary creatures, each promising the chance to unleash untold riches upon those daring enough to spin its reels.

But what happens when this captivating slot is put under the scrutiny of a well-known slots aficionado, Dice Girl?

In our exclusive “Dragon vs. Phoenix Slot Review,” we embark on an exhilarating journey through this captivating game, guided by the expertise of one of the most popular slots streamers in the industry.

Dice Girl’s critical eye and passion for the world of slots make her the ideal guide for navigating the realms of this thrilling showdown between a fiery phoenix and a fierce dragon.

Join us as we delve into the heart of this magical battle, exploring the game’s features, graphics, bonuses, and everything in between. Together, we will uncover the secrets of this legendary clash and discover if the rewards are as grand as the creatures themselves.

Get ready to roll the dice with Dice Girl, and let the legendary beasts of “Dragon vs. Phoenix” reveal their treasures in this exclusive slot review like no other.

Unveiling the Slot’s Hidden Treasures

On May 4, 2022, the world of online slots welcomed a thrilling newcomer: Dragon vs. Phoenix. This slot game sets the stage for an epic showdown between two iconic mythical creatures, the Dragon and the Phoenix.

With an intentional emphasis on high volatility, Dragon vs. Phoenix offers players an exhilarating and risk-laden gaming experience. Sporting 4 reels and 16 pay-lines, the game presents ample opportunities for players to multiply their original bets by a staggering 5684 times potentially.

Moreover, a respectable return to player (RTP) rate of 95% ensures players have a fair shot at securing their fortunes.


Dragon vs. Phoenix Features

Dragon vs. Phoenix Pick

Players have the unique opportunity to select either the Dragon or Phoenix WILD symbol by choosing one of the statues located at the top right or left corner of the screen. This exclusive choice can only be made during the base game.

Dragon Expanding Wild

The Dragon Expanding Wild feature is a standout function that activates when the dragon-shaped WILD symbol graces either the first or fourth reel. Upon activation, the Dragon Expanding Wild expands to occupy three positions on the reel.

Consequently, any symbols positioned above or below this expanding wild transform WILD symbols, further boosting the potential for winning combinations.

The WILD symbol can substitute for any other symbol on the reels, excluding the SCATTER symbol, facilitating the creation of rewarding combinations.

Phoenix Mega Wild

When the Phoenix symbol, represented as the WILD symbol, emerges on the second or third reel, it triggers the special Phoenix Mega Wild feature. This feature leads the WILD symbol to expand and envelop a larger portion of the game board, forming a 2×2 square around it.

The expansion direction of the Phoenix Mega Wild is randomized, but it can only expand in one specific direction when it reaches the corners.

Much like the Dragon Expanding Wild, the Phoenix Mega Wild can replace all other symbols on the reels, except for the SCATTER symbol, to aid in the formation of winning combinations.


  • The five best premium symbols can pay up to 188x, 58x, 38x, 28x, and 18x.
  • Colorful gem symbols can pay up to 5x, 3x, 2x and 1x.
  • There is a Scatter symbol and two WILD One stands for Dragon, and the other is for Phoenix.


In this game, your winnings are calculated by multiplying them by your total bet amount. It’s worth noting that only the highest win on each line will be awarded. The original 16 paylines are split in half, with eight paylines running from left to right and another eight paying from right to left.

With these exciting features, symbols, and pay lines, Dragon vs. Phoenix promises a mythical gaming experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

Dice Girl’s expertise has uncovered the hidden treasures of this epic slot battle, and we’re here to share all the secrets and strategies to help you conquer these legendary beasts.

Final Verdict – Revealing the Slot’s True Charms

Unveiling the Slot's True Charms

The visual aesthetics of the Dragon vs. Phoenix slot game are nothing short of breathtaking, elevating the overall gaming experience to new heights. The game masterfully captures the essence of traditional Chinese landscapes and symbols through its stunning graphics and vibrant color palette.

This outstanding gaming experience is brought to you by the renowned game provider, Tom Horn Gaming. Known for its commitment to delivering top-tier slot games, Tom Horn Gaming has once again proven its prowess in creating captivating and immersive casino experiences with Dragon vs. Phoenix.

To guide us through the thrilling realms of this epic battle between mythical creatures, we turn to the popular slots reviewer, Dice Girl. Her keen insights and passion for the world of slots have been instrumental in unraveling the hidden treasures of Dragon vs. Phoenix.

While the game may not provide an abundance of extra purchase options, including dual special wilds serves as a powerful ally in the quest for increased winnings. The presence of both Dragon Expanding Wilds and Phoenix Mega Wilds adds an element of excitement and potential to every spin.

Moreover, the free spins round within Dragon vs. Phoenix presents a golden opportunity for players to embark on a highly rewarding journey. With the potential for substantial rewards within grasp, this feature promises to highlight the gameplay experience.

In conclusion, Dragon vs. Phoenix is a slot game that not only showcases remarkable visual artistry but also offers the thrill of substantial wins, particularly through its double special wilds and free spins round.

The clash of these legendary beasts unfolds as an unforgettable adventure for players seeking visual splendor and lucrative rewards in online slots, all expertly dissected by Dice Girl and brought to life by Tom Horn Gaming.

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