Which Are the Most Famous Casino Games in Norway?

famous norway casino games

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Last Updated: March 2, 2023


Casinos have been in operating in Norway for the longest time. The state also features specific laws that govern the gambling market.

Thanks to this, players enjoy their favorite casino games in a safe and secure environment. Keep on reading to discover the most popular casino games you can play online in Norway.

Table Games

While many table games are offered in casinos, the most popular games in Norway include roulette, blackjack, three-card Poker, high flush card, Caribbean stud, and ultimate Texas Hold’em.

These games enjoy a lot of popularity as they combine skills and luck. However, players without any skills can still enjoy them since free versions are offered for practice. As you advance, you can graduate to real money games, place bets and win actual cash.


This is the most common game type for any gambling site. Slots are quite popular among most gamblers worldwide. If you are a newbie looking for a low-stakes game that requires no skills, this is your perfect choice.

You can check casinotopplisten.com to discover the best online casinos in Norway to play slots. Slots can be available in different themes like History, Pirates and Treasures, Movies and TV etc.

The nature of this gaming category is such that you can enjoy it without any previous knowledge. Examples of the most famous slots include Dead or Alive 2, PayDirt, Fruit Shop, Jack Hammer and Guns N Roses.


At a craps table, there are three important persons you should know: the stickperson, the boxperson and the dealer.

The dealer primarily serves the dice while the sticksperson moves the dice using a long-hooked stick.

The strategy entails rolling a point with two dice and rolling the same numbers again before a seven is rolled up. The number you roll becomes your point, and you must roll it again before a seven.

popular casino games in norway

However, if a seven is rolled before your number, you lose the game. This is referred to as a “seven-out.” While you can apply strategies to win, craps is mainly a game of luck or chance.

Table and Video Poker

If you need something fancy and new, poker is your go-to game. However, before you begin playing, you must get familiar with some terms like Straight Flush, Royal Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind and Flush.

Also, ensure you know the card’s value to understand how much a hand is worth.

If you want to be successful at playing poker, you should know some essential tips. Understanding strategy basics will help you achieve solid results and get off on the right foot.

It is best to play the free versions for a while to build your confidence and skills. Since most casino sites usually have small bet sizes for poker, newbies can also try out the real thing. That way, you will not lose big amounts of money even if things don’t go to plan.

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