How to Reliably Progress with Smart Gaming Methods

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Last Updated: October 7, 2022


The journey towards developing your skill level in your chosen game is one of the chief pleasures people cite when asked what motivates them to play.

The urge to progress and integrate new knowledge is a perennial element common to all pursuits.

When one considers the journey towards proficiency in any number of classic and contemporary casino games, this is no exception.

But to make the most of this process, it pays dividends to take a considerate and smart approach.

Not only does this ensure you’re able to track your progress, but it allows you to keep playing in a way that is both safe and sustainable, maximizing the time you can spend practicing your chosen game as a result.

Below we’re going to take a look at some key methods that gamers can use to ensure a degree of reliable and consistent progression.

Set Loss Limits

One of the basic methods that every gamer should develop a working familiarity with is setting a loss limit.

There are numerous reasons why establishing clear boundaries around spending is a good idea beyond the basic point that it prevents you from overspending or running out of money.

A loss limit can function like a set parameter – by settling on a sustainable loss limit, you can increase the amount and frequency of time you can play by ensuring you’re never over-extending yourself or your resources.

Working to a loss limit also guides your strategy and teaches caution.

For example, if you had a loss limit of $50, and wanted to play a chosen game for a certain amount of time, you can figure out a basic ratio of time-to-money.

If you were to play a single game and bet your whole $50 on a losing hand, you would seriously limit the amount of time you can spend learning and developing experience with your chosen game.

If, instead, you stuck to an average of $5 bets, you could extend this “up-time” without added cost.

Shop Around

One of the best steps to take for gamers looking to engender sustainable skill progression is to develop an understanding of the spread of different providers available to you, and to assess each for its features and ability to meet your requirements.

This is because certain providers may lack the kind of statistics or tournament filtering features you need in order to proceed with your training.

This process is fortunately facilitated by the existence of comparison platforms operating in the space, such as OddsChecker, which brings together the leading online casinos venues into a single, searchable directory.

Going about this process of elimination with the help of comparison platforms also provides you with some of the most competitive sign-up bonuses and promotional offers in the sector, positioning you to be both well informed and in receipt of a good deal.

Track Progress

Nowadays, we generate tons of data that can be utilized to give us key insights into our progress. The most common example of this is to be found in relation to the fitness tech industry.

All over the world people use devices such as Fitbits, the Apple Watch, or just their smartphone, to collect information about their step-count, distance moved, and calories burned each day.

This information can super-charge the process of building fitness or losing weight, as it gives you reliable benchmarks on which to track your progress.

The same type of data collection can be utilized with your gaming, resulting in equally tangible benefits.

track your gambling results

By creating a record of your wins, losses, bets and hands you can quickly begin to develop a comprehensive overview of your gameplay.

This, coupled with a form of more subjective data collection like journaling, can be used to identify strengths, weaknesses and target areas for improvement.

Whereas our memory alone can be selective and exert bias, a good record will give you access to actionable information.

These, when coupled with experience, can be used to efficiently direct your skill development with intention.

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