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Last Updated: April 9, 2022


Hand Meaning – Term Used for Cards Held by Player in Casino Game

The term hand is used in many card games and can mean several things. Most commonly, a hand refers to the cards the players hold in their hand.

Additionally, in community card games, the hand includes the player’s cards and all other community cards that the players use to create their best five-card combination.

The term “hand” can also mean a round of a particular card game like poker or blackjack. This is the period that starts when the cards are dealt and ends with a showdown or when one player wins.

For example, if you use it in the first meaning, you can say that you had an As, Ks hand before the flop. If you were to use it in the other, general meaning, saying something like “Deal me in the next hand”, means that you want to play the next round.

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