Martingale System

Martingale System

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Last Updated: May 17, 2022


Martingale System Meaning – Popular Progressive Gambling System

The Martingale system is arguably the most popular betting system in the casino world. This betting strategy has a very simple tactic.

You double your bets after every loss until you land a win. After a win, you revert to the initial bet amount and start again. This strategy is most effective on even-money bets.

For example, if you go on a ten-game losing streak, the progression according to the Martingale system would look like this: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1,024, etc.

As you can see, these numbers can increase very quickly, making the Martingale system a very risky strategy and a poor choice for timid casino players.

Moreover, due to this progression, the Martingale system also requires a very large bankroll, so you’re covered during long losing streaks.

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