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Last Updated: March 21, 2023


Whether you do it offline or online, gambling is one of the most loved hobbies among different people across the globe. Nevertheless, it is best to familiarize yourself before starting your gambling adventure.

This is especially important because different states and countries have different views and rules on casino operations. Thus, reviewing the gambling regulations is advisable to avoid contravening any rules.

For instance, if you are a newbie gambler residing or traveling to Norway, you should review the gambling laws of this country. Fortunately, here is an article you can read to learn more about online casinos in Norway.

History of Online Casinos in Norway

Gambling was legalized in Norway in 1902, with the significant gambling law being the 1992 Gaming Scheme Act. Did you know that Norway has the strictest gambling rules in the entire European region?

For example, the Government regulates the entire gambling industry with two major gambling monopolies. These monopolies include the Norsk Tipping AS for sports betting, lotteries, scratch cards, instant games, and casino games, and Norsk Rikstoto for horse racing.

However, the monopoly rule has an exception for non-profit organizations with humanitarian or social benefit purposes. They can get a charity gambling license, which is illegal for private corporations.

Even though gambling was legalized in Norway, the Government outlawed betting on offshore gambling sites in 2008. The Government went further ahead later to prohibit the use of debit and credit cards with offshore sites, but this was later removed.

Most Norwegian players prefer gambling on offshore sites since these have a wider game variety, better promotions, and eye-catching bonus offers.

What Is the Current Norwegian Online Casino Industry Like?

One of the critical things you must note is that the Government fully controls betting in Norway. However, the two state-owned monopolies do not meet the needs of their players completely. As a result, they prefer to gamble on foreign sites.

While there are many casinos available, you will want to gamble at best. You can check out this link for the best casino in Norway offering your favorite games.

Some of the factors you should consider when looking for an online casino to gamble in include mobile compatibility, available games, promotions, and bonuses. Also, do not forget to check the sites’ safety, licensing, and legality.

gambling online in norway

The good news is that most legit foreign gambling sites have accepted Norwegian gamblers with open arms following their love for online betting. You will find games offered in Norwegian and Krone as their primary currency.

While there are many games offered in online casinos, slots are the most popular among the players. There were many challenges surrounding this popular game type, including banning by the Government.

Nevertheless, slots were later re-introduced in the gambling market under the surveillance of Norsk Tipping. But, the slots that were brought back included the interactive video terminals, which are not the regular slots.

Players who like gaming on regular slots can access them via offshore gambling sites even though they are prohibited in Norway, which is one of the main reasons why these casinos continue to enjoy huge popularity in the country.

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