Split Pot

Split pot

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Last Updated: December 8, 2021


Split Pot Description – When Two or More Players Share the Poker Pot Equally

A split pot is a situation in poker in which two or more players end up sharing a pot. This happens if the players have an equally-valued hand.

In the case of community cards poker games, it can also occur if none of the players have a combination stronger than the one created by the board.

For example, you and your opponent make it to the showdown stage of the game. The community board reads J, J, K, K, A.

As you turn your cards, you reveal a 4, 6 hand, and the opponent reveals a 10, 8 hand.

Although the opponent has higher valued cards, the cards on the community board make up the strongest five card combination. So, you end up splitting the pot into two equal parts.

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