Top 3 Tips for Instantly Improving Your Video Poker Results

Top 3 Tips for Instantly Improving Your Video Poker Results

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Last Updated: September 14, 2023

Alex Zlatanovic

Video poker is a unique amalgamation of poker and slot machines. It’s primarily a game of randomness, but your decisions also play an important role in determining your overall success. And, whenever a game involves a degree of skill, there’s always room for improvement.

In this regard, with just a bit of learning and preparation, you can directly boost your results and become a more successful video poker player. To help you in this venture, we’ve prepared the top three tips you can implement in your sessions to instantly improve your video poker results.

Learn As Much About The Game As Possible

The first and most significant tip that will help you improve your video poker results is to obtain as much knowledge as you can.  This all starts with picking the right video poker site. On that note, this Bet365 casino review will help you learn more about the video poker games you can explore and enjoy.

When it comes to the specific game you choose, the more you know, the smarter you will bet. And, while video poker comes with a lower entry barrier than a more complex game like poker, knowledge is still an invaluable part of being successful in this game.

Like slots, different video poker games come with varying RTP percentages and variance levels. So, it’s essential to pick a video poker game that suits you best. What’s more, it’s also useful to know the game’s paytable. Luckily, if you’re playing online, this information is always displayed on your screen for most games.

Additionally, to ensure optimal decisions for each hand, you should use a video poker strategy chart. These charts tell you how many cards to keep or drop based on your hand’s value. In video poker, accuracy is more important than speed. So, always emphasize playing each hand as best as possible rather than playing faster.

Be Responsible With Your Bankroll

Manage your video poker bankroll carefully

Bankroll management is one of the keys to success in any gambling game. In order to be profitable in video poker, you must have responsible money management practices. And, having a bankroll is the crucial ingredient for this.

First, you need to determine how much money you can set aside for your bankroll. Then, you should preferably divide the bankroll into smaller increments for your daily and weekly betting needs. When your bankroll is adequate to support your betting style, you can focus on the game and not worry that you might overspend or run out of money mid-session.

No matter how large your bankroll is, effectively using your money will put you on the right path to becoming a profitable video poker player. When you’re being more frugal with your budget and responsibly making each bet, you’ll give yourself the best chance to improve your video poker results.

Also, make sure to track your video poker results. This is useful, as it’s actually the part that helps you determine whether or not you’re improving your results over time, not just in the short term.

Be Sharp During Your Sessions

All the knowledge and the best bankroll management strategy in the world will only go so far if you’re not observant and sharp when playing. With this in mind, the last tip for instantly improving your video poker results is to always be alert and play without any distractions.

There are a couple of simple steps you can follow to ensure that this is always the case when you’re playing video poker. Firstly, make sure your sessions are of appropriate length. The longer you play, the less optimal your decisions will be. If you like having long video poker sessions, take frequent breaks, preferably every 45 minutes to an hour.

Additionally, don’t play when you’re tired or under the influence. Your decisions can heavily impact your success in video poker. So, don’t engage in gambling whenever your senses are dulled in any way.

Remember that video poker is just a fun activity you do for entertainment. Don’t let it affect your regular schedule and everyday life. Play it responsibly and maintain a good balance between your video poker sessions and other activities.

Lastly, play in a distraction-free environment if possible. This will enable you to focus completely on the game. If you implement all of this, you’re guaranteed to maintain sharpness during your sessions and see an instant improvement in your video poker results.

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