Top 5 Slot Machine Myths You Need to Stop Believing

top 5 slot machine myths

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Last Updated: September 27, 2022


Slot machines are one of the most played games in casinos all over the world, and it makes them highly controversial too. These games have been around for way too long to be just a luck-based game.

There are many myths about slot machines, but in reality, to win at slots, you must learn the art of playing these machines.

Here are the top 5 slot machine myths that you need to stop believing before it’s too late!

Myth #1: Slot Machines Pay Differently at Different Times

It is highly self-motivating or self-assuring to believe that slot machines work differently at different times of the day.

First, you need to understand that a slot is a programmed machine that does not act on time or weather conditions.

Even though the slots can be reprogrammed, this is a tedious task and not generally done for a long period of time.

It is often believed that the slot machine will give a payout at a certain time or that the slot machines are programmed to withhold money during a certain period.

These claims are just urban legends, aka myths. Reprogramming the machine is not a cakewalk, and casinos do not do it regularly.

No matter how big an event, it won’t affect the working of a slot machine until and unless it has been reprogrammed.

Plus, many sites, like  Betonline Casino, offer these games for free, so you can test your theory without any risk and you’ll see it doesn’t hold water.

Myth #2: Hot & Cold Streaks

There is a very common phenomenon known as Gambler’s Fallacy or Monty Carlo Fallacy. It refers to the belief that a certain phenomenon has a higher possibility of happening after a series of opposite events.

This myth is very common in slot machines.

When a player has a series of losses, they often lose more by hoping their luck has to change after a certain number of streaks.

slot machine myths to forget

Yes, slot machines are very much an affair of luck, but the machines are not programmed for hot and cold streaks.

There is no such thing as hot and cold streaks. Do not end up losing your money just for the sake of that one jackpot streak.

Myth #3: Progressive Slots Are for Beginners

Progressive slots reserve an amount from the bet you place. This amount adds up to the final jackpot.

There is no beginner’s luck in progressive slots. Even though it seems to be a good bet to start, it is often the most complex bet.

As a beginner, any player should start by playing it safe and then make it to the big games. There is no guarantee of winning a progressive slot.

The slot machines do not depend on whether you’re a beginner or a long-time player. This myth is something you need to stop believing.

The slot machine has several features that might not be understandable to a newbie, making you lose a lot of money. It is wise to start with a lower bet and move up on the ladder.

Myth #4: Slot Machines Are All About Luck

Slot machines are believed to be a game of luck which is not completely false, but it is a myth as it disregards all other important factors experienced players are aware of.

Slot machines are programmed games with little or nothing to do with luck in the long run.

While luck plays a great role, it’s not the only think you need to worry about. Knowing the game’s Return to Player, hit frequency, and other technicalities will help you pick the slots with better average chances of winning on any given day.

Myth #5: You Can Beat the Slots

There is no such thing as beating the slots. These games are completely random. One of the unique features of the slots is not to repeat patterns.

biggest slots myths debunked

You can increase your chances of winning by playing lower amounts of bets or playing progressive slots. But, in the end, the casino will always come out ahead and there is no way to be a winning slot player.

Final Say

One must always remember that slot machines are programmed to be random, which is what gambling is about.

These machines are made to play tricks on the human mind. The myths discussed above are to help you make better and more rational decisions during your future slot sessions!

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