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Last Updated: January 23, 2022


Add-on Meaning – Extra Chips You Can Buy in a Poker Tournament

An add-on is an additional option you have to purchase a specific amount of chips during a tournament.

This is a term most commonly found in poker. If you want to purchase an add-on, you’ll have to put up a predetermined amount of money for the amount of chips you’ll receive.

An add-on is different from a rebuy. More specifically, a rebuy is mostly available during specific stages of the tournament. The add-on is the additional amount the player can exercise when the rebuy is no longer available.

Any player still in the tournament at the point of asking for an add-on can do so. The size of their stack doesn’t matter.

So, a player with 1,500 chips and 25,000 will receive the same amount of chips if they want to add-on.

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