How To Cheat a Slot Machine – Can You Actually Win?

how to cheat slot machine

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Last Updated: August 16, 2022


No matter if you are a loyal casino patron or a random recreational player, the cheat hacks for a slot machine entice everyone.

Learning how some people cheat the slot machines with coins or magnets to hit the massive jackpot is intriguing.

Is this trick for real? What are the success chances? Do we have any legal cheat codes for slot machines?

So much enchantment demands some patience to learn about every hack gradually.

Online or offline, all casino slots are regulated by the Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithm to maintain unbiased gameplay.

Many wicked minds try to hack casino slot machines in various ways and hit the targeted sequence to become a millionaire overnight.

The feasibility and actual benefits of such hacks are still arguable.

We would today unleash information on how to cheat a slot machine with a magnet or other devices. Keep on reading to get real examples of such hacks and what the result turned out to be.

However, we condemn and do not support any form of cheating or manipulative techniques. The below content is just a well-researched piece of information to give you a brief overview on such activities!

How to Manipulate Slot Machines?

Who doesn’t dream of becoming an overnight millionaire by hitting the casino jackpot in one stroke? And do people resort malicious ways to achieve it?

An avid casino player with a thorough grasp of slot working can only breach the code.

Thus, even cheating requires a clean technique to hit the machines of their choice. Though we do not endorse any form of slot cheats, it is thrilling and fun to know that some people have made innovative breakthroughs to get the winning numbers!

how to manipulate slot machines

Few of these practices might work well with old-school slots that have been performing the conventional techniques for a long time.

But we still would ask you to stay away from such fraudulent activities. If caught, you might get banned by the casino for a lifetime, or worse.

On the flip side, some people managed to earn a massive amount with this type of slot hack.

However, modern and advanced casino slots have a stronger security system, thus making it trivial to try out the cheat techniques for hitting the desired numbers.

Some slots are, however, a soft target for hackers as they have a simpler software system that one can even manage to decode with devices like magnets.

Captivating rewards and payouts entice cheaters to invent newer ways that are not recommendable, but you might try for yourself in a much more fun way.

Let’s take a glance at such notorious ways to hack casino slot machines that are just an outcome of our expert research.

Remember, we have never tried any of them personally on any online gambling site or physical casino at all!

12 Ways on How to Cheat Slot Machines!

Cheat Codes

Casino games are well-designed and monitored by the authorities, who take utmost care and maintenance of the slots. Still, can someone rig the slot codes for self-benefits?

Sometimes, it is also the engineer and game designer himself who know the hack and apply it to manipulate the slot. Let’s elaborate on this with a proven example.

The famous engineer of the Nevada Gaming Commission, Ronald Dale Harris, was the one who rigged the code for monetary gains.

He knew exactly how to manipulate a slot machine as he was well-versed about the source codes and knew about hacking them.

The scam came to light in 1995 when one of his partners recorded a massive win at a casino of a whopping $100,000 at a Keno game.

Shaved Coins

Another slot hack that even exists today and is pretty enticing for professional gamblers are the shaved coins.

With the recent advent of technology, slot machines are getting smarter and utilizing a light sensor technique for payment registration.

In several slots, the optic sensor works in different manner from that of a physical comparator.

In layman’s terms, if the player inserts a shaved coin that refers to an object similar to the size and shape of gambling coins, the shaved coin will come back.

The fake object will stay back in the slot machine, and one can start playing again. This is a tricky way to retain the original coins and wager the shaved ones.

Fake Coins

The next technique to hack casino slot machines is the classic one, where punters sweep the fake coins into the slots and play for real money.

Though it has been popular cheating practice by many, history recalls it from the popular con artist Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio, who perpetuated the fraud for years until he got arrested in 1998.

Post his release in 2006 he went back to his old cheating methodologies with full confidence. After continuing this for a couple of months, he got caught again, and this time the trap was more ferocious.


Most casual casino players are enthusiastic about how to cheat a slot machine with a magnet. Magnet mechanism has been a long-utilized technique to commit casino scams.

However, many of new slots work based on computer software and do not get affected by the magnetic touch.

how to cheat slot machine with a magnet

Still, some people might utilize magnets for the conventional casino slots as they are made from metal and are a good pick to do this type of theft.

A common technique to slot cheats with a magnet is to spin the reels and then use a strong magnetic force from outside to control the spinning once you hit the desired winning combination.

Cheaters can then claim the payouts by showing the same order of numbers on the reels.

Though we don’t categorize it as a very subtle cheat, many veteran gamblers managed to scoop in a lot of cash with this.


Next way on how to hack slot machine is by delving deep into its technique. Here, the con artists add a string to the coin.

Then they slide the coin into the machine until the game begins. Once it resumes, they pull up the coin with a string and enjoy profits without any real money stakes.

Isn’t it cunning and gutsy? This technique is becoming redundant owing to the boom of technological advancement that adds a non-breach security layer to the casino system.

Most experts consider Yo-Yo an epic hacking way to witness whopping winnings.

Light Wand

Doesn’t this sound like an extremely notorious way to manipulate a slot machine? A recognizable game for slot cheat with a light wand is Tommy Glenn Carmichael.

He evolved the light wand method to hack the optical sensor of the casino machines.

Several popular magicians like Dynamo, David Blaine, and David Copperfield can create an illusion of practically impossible things.

But Carmichael was a step ahead by using the light wand to grab attractive jackpot winnings that can sometimes pop out of thin air.

The light wand has the capability to make optical sensors go blind, and they can’t recognize the number of coins deposited into the slot.

Thus, the slot cannot determine the exact payout amount for the round. As a result, the con expert Carmichael used to hack the machine and convert small sums into massive winnings. Isn’t that a dream of many gambling enthusiasts?

Piano Wire

While drooling further into hack casino slot machines, we have identified this old cheat method that had rewarded the cheaters quite well sometime earlier.

A group of men used to work at the Caesars Boardwalk Regency Casino in 1982 in Atlantic City.

A wise man unlocked the casino slot and tied around 20-inch long piano wires with the whirring guts of the machine.

With these wires, he used to jam the clock that performed the mechanism of wheel rotation measurement.

This gave him the control of hacking the spins, and he also successfully hit a big $50,000 jackpot win.

He was baffled when he learned that the entire action was captured in a lens and got arrested even before stepping out of the premises. Poor soul! So much effort and no gains.

Top-Bottom Joint

During the 1970s and 1980, this slot hack gained momentum and emerged as the most astute method of performing a casino scam.

A hacker used a unique tool and divided it into two halves. It included a metal rod with a bending end shaped like a ‘Q’ and a long wire towards the other half.

how to hack slot machine

He slipped the wire through the coin chute and the upper portion via the coin slot. This helped jam the casino machine, and the slot had to puke out all the stored coins.

The mind-boggling technique temporarily favored a few scammers with enticing winnings as well.


Some people are courageous, evil, and indeed stubborn to stand with even wrong things like a storm. Yes, we are talking about the great Carmichael again!

A genius man with imbibed cheating theories was also an inventor of the ‘Monkey paw’ hack for slot machines.

After carefully evaluating the latest techniques and a lot of research on the video poker machine, he cracked the code and came up with an exact contraption.

And wow, that was simple! He took a guitar string and fixed the kit alongside the bent metal rod.

Then, he plunged into the air vent of the machine, wriggled it till the point he was able to slash the trigger point, and coins hopped off like a waterfall.

What a regal massacre he could do! Are you already luring the imaginative avalanche of coins? Beware of the adverse effects as well.

Bill Validator Device

Next idea on how to hack slot machine is a bill validator device. It is an effective option to carry on the cheats.

It’s a dainty device wrapped smartly surrounding the bill to cheat the slot machine.

While it creates an illusion that the slot is accepting the $100 bill, the reality is way different, and the acceptance is merely of a $1 bill.

Computer Chip Replacement

Still pondering over how to manipulate slot machine? Well, Dennis Nikrasch came up with yet another revolutionary scamming idea that deserves applause.

For this, he purchased a casino slot and dismantled it completely to trace out its probably flaws and loopholes.

After notching over the computer chips inside it, he kept researching to ensure they were subject to re-programming and if it was possible to manipulate them to hit the biggest jackpot tabs.

Nikrasch also bought many such chips, called in a team of expert scammers, and also managed to derive ample machine keys to approach the scamming process that would bleed out uncountable chips letting the machine dry out in thirst for years to come.

The massive fraud was attempted by simply replacing the manipulated chips with the real ones.

Glitches in Software

Manipulating software for the slot hack is a conventional practice, and scammers make additional advancements to it.

With a continued series of specific wagering patterns in a few games, gamblers can confuse the slot to spot the glitch that helps retrieve massive jackpot winnings.

Several slot cheats earned big amounts through this hack for years and treated themselves to phenomenal jackpot prizes.

However, many of them were denied the winnings later due to this wrong scamming habit.

Another famous incident occurred in 2015 when Pauline McKee from Illinois, a 90-year-old lady, won a whopping $41 million at the Miss Kitty Slot machine on her trip to Ile Casino Hotel Waterloo.

More about Cheat Codes for Online Slots

Apparently, many new online slots have evolved with an augmentation of the online gaming spree. Even scammers are evolving with new cheat codes to scout exploits and benefit from gambling machines.

The level of scams further elevated when the punters started hitting the working of online casinos instead of slots to bag a substantial sum in one go.

An evident example of it is a serious attack performed by the DRB Control group lately. They were pro in sending spam emails that included spear-phishing links for the online slot employees.

slot cheats

If any of the staff members clicked and opened up the link by mistake, the group used to infuse the backdoor Trojan that instantly unveils the entire operator network in one go.

The next trick was to hack casinos with the phone to evaluate the RNG system. Through phones, they used to click screenshots and videos of the casino reels that were later analyzed to identify the RNG pattern.

Soon, their phone will vibrate, indicating the apt time when a cheater could spin the reels and avail a better edge to the game.

With passing time, casino slots have upgraded their security guideline to prevent the intervention of such hackers.

If scammers know how to cheat a slot machine with a magnet or phishing emails, companies are also now training their employees to prevent such frauds at online or physical slot machines.

They also use an AI system that identifies players with weird staking patterns and bans the potential fraudsters then and there.

Mobile Hack Casino Slot Machines

In 2014, a casino in St. Louis figured out some machines had a higher payout rate than deposits on an average pattern.

Once, they took a sight at the casino’s CCTV footage and identified that one man won multiple times, and it was evident that he was the hacker visiting again with the same plan.

They traced his activity, and there were three significant points they noticed.

  • He had an iPhone near to the slot screen on which he was wagering
  • He constantly won while playing at the Aristocrat slots
  • He used to jab over the spin tab spontaneously post long halts.

Murat Bilev was the culprit who belonged to a Russian team and hacked multiple slots from the United States to Macau.

slot hack

His scamming turnover was in millions. His trick of targeting the RNG timing was identified, and he got sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment.

He was a bright scammer. Many copied him by developing slot machines hacking mobile apps online.

Final Thoughts: Is it Really Possible to Cheat the Slot Machines?

If you blindly refer to the information shared above on how to cheat a slot machine with a magnet and other devices, the answer is a big ‘yes.’

Perhaps, you would require pro skills and internal connections to get things right.

Along with many cheat codes for slot machines, there are also invasive techniques under the laws to identify criminals.

Even the most cunning minds were sentenced to prison. Is it really worth your life, respect, and reputation

The thrill of uncertainties and a lucky moment of cash unfolding at a random slot is much more precious than such a cheap cheat.

To enjoy a life-changing jackpot, you must also have a free life to live first. And yes, there are no legal ways to hack slots, and it can never be as this is completely unethical.

Instead, you can optimize your hacking wits by getting a highly paid consulting job at top casinos and advise them with measures and ways to upgrade the security of slot machines.

In short, have fun and relax with entertaining casino gameplay and get rewarded in a legit way so that you can cherish what you’ve been craving for!

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