How to Win at the Casino and Can You Increase Your Winning Odds?

Casino winning odds

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Last Updated: August 15, 2021


How to Win at the Casino and Can You Increase Your Winning Odds?

It’s no secret that the house has the edge in every casino game you play. That said, aside from being born under a lucky star, is there something you can actually do to increase your winnings in land-based casinos?

The short answer is yes. For the longer one and the best tips on how to improve your winning odds in land-based casinos, make sure to read the entire page!

Best Tips to Increase Casino Winning Odds in Land-Based Casinos

Increasing your casino winning odds in land-based venues is indeed possible. We’re going to show you how with these five best tips:

1. Find the Best Games and Machines

This tip seems relatively ambiguous, as the answer to this will depend on what type of player you are and what casino games you like playing. That said, we don’t mean you choose the most interesting games.

Instead, choose the games with the lowest house edge.

The lower the house edge, the less advantage the casino has over you. In return, your odds of winning are better.

Games with a low house edge include baccarat, blackjack, and video poker. If you like playing slots over these, focus on simple slot machines without too many features. Fancy slots with tons of gameplay options might be more fun than the more straightforward machine; however, the latter offer much better value for your money.

2. Avoid House Games to Boost Casino Winning Odds

Apart from the previous tactic, the best thing would be to avoid all house games altogether. Skip all games in which the house is involved. This includes slots, blackjack, video poker, and all others.

Instead, consider playing in poker rooms. Although there’s often a fee you need to pay, there’s no house edge. In poker, the only factor to worry about is the players you’re betting against. If you put in the time and practice to get better, you will always have the edge.

Play games with best casino winning odds

Blackjack can be an exception to this “no house games” rule if you can learn how to count cards. That said, even though this is not illegal, many land-based casinos may kick you out for it if you get caught.

3. Play Only Against the Dealer

If you like playing casino games against dealers, look to play at tables where there’ll only be you and the dealer. The lack of other players won’t only help you concentrate. It will also increase your winning odds by affecting the probabilities of the cards dealt in each round.

Ideally, if you find a clumsy dealer, your winning odds will be even better.

If the dealer tends to flash the cards when dealing, you can use this knowledge to your advantage and even temporarily increase your casino winning odds if you play a long session.

This strategy is called card holling. Just like counting cards, it’s not illegal but can get you thrown out in from some land-based casinos.

4. Always Take Your Time

Large land-based casinos are filled with flashing lights, music, and everyone is constantly buzzing around. In such a setting, it’s normal to get pumped up and rush through everything you do.

However, you should avoid this, as it’s precisely what the house wants. The players who just go through the motions with every bet are the ones who always end up losing.

Taking your time and slowing down the tempo helps increase your winning odds in a way. Play at your own pace, especially if you’re playing an individual casino game like a slot machine.

5. Know When to Quit

Knowing when to quit a gambling game is easier said than done. Regardless of losing or winning, players can easily get caught up in the atmosphere, which almost always negatively reflects on their winning odds.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution for both sides.

If you win, just walk away. Don’t try to double or triple your money because you’ll most likely end up losing it all.

If you’re losing, don’t chase losses. Stop playing and come back another time. It might be hard to do so, but it will help preserve your bankroll and increase your long-term casino winning odds.

How to win at casino - know when to quit

Increasing Your Winning Odds – A Brief Sum Up

Most players end their casino sessions on a losing note and walk out with less money than they walked in with. This is no coincidence, as you are set up to lose. You should know this the moment you walk into the casino.

That said, it’s not something you should ever accept. You might never have the edge over the casino, but there will always be legal and permitted ways you can shift the odds a little closer in your favor.

The tips we shared with you above will help you in this. Make sure to always remember them, whether you play slots, table games, or even keno, and you’ll undoubtedly reduce the house edge the casino has over you.

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