Live Betting – Is It Better Than the Regular Option?

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Last Updated: June 2, 2022


If you want to make consistent money from betting on sports, you need a good balance of regular and live betting activities.

That said, many sports betting experts argue that live betting is the better option between the two.

In this blog, we’ll go over the most significant pros and cons of live betting to determine if it really is the superior betting option.

The Advantages of Live Sports Betting

With people claiming that live sports betting is the more favorable option, what are the most compelling arguments that back up this premise? We’ll list a handful of the most important advantages of live sports betting:

You Can Get Better Value

Professional sports bettors are always chasing the best values for the bets they place. In simple words, the better the value of a bet is, the less money you’re risking compared to what you stand to get in return.

Live sports betting is a considerably better option than regular betting for bettors chasing the best value, especially when combined with generous promotions you can find on the sites like Bookies Bonuses US.

In live bets, if you understand the game well enough, you can spot upsets or comebacks before the actual results show these changes.

By reacting promptly and placing a live bet, you can get a better value before the sportsbooks change the odds and make a better profit with less money.

It’s Significantly More Entertaining

Apart from providing you with arguably better values for your bets, live sports betting is simply more entertaining than regular sports betting.

The mere fact that you’re betting with the action while the game goes on is enough to keep the excitement high during the entire betting process.

Plus, live betting puts your mind to work. Your brain needs to be firing on all cylinders, and you need to have a good understanding of the game or event you’re betting on.

In a sense, the engagement and excitement of live betting, if handled correctly, only make you a better sports bettor over time.

The Nuances of Intuition Are Matter More

In line with the first advantage, live sports betting leaves you much more room to follow your intuition and any hunches you may get during a game or event.

For example, a player’s performance might be influenced by a foul or negative interaction with the referee.

A boxer might be losing the first rounds, but only because they’re waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

In other words, sometimes, your intuition and observation can be valuable tools for finding the best bets during live games and events.

When you’re placing regular bets, you can’t predict certain things that could happen during the game, and there aren’t any stats or algorithms that can help with this.

The Disadvantages of Live Sports Betting

The pros of live betting make a compelling argument why this type of sports betting is the better option.

That said, it’s only fair to consider the other side of the coin and highlight some of the disadvantages and dangers of live sports betting. So, here are a few cons of live betting:

It’s Easy to Get Caught Up in the Action

When you’re betting on a game or event that’s taking place in real-time, it doesn’t take much to get caught up in the action.

This can lead to you making emotional decisions and bets you wouldn’t typically make.

In return, this results in bets that are not based on any calculations. Meaning, you’re putting yourself in hazardous situations and not giving yourself the best winning chances.

That said, with some work and determination, you can learn not to fall for this trap and always make bets with your head and not your heart.

The Danger of Addiction

Another potential drawback of live sports betting is that it could lead to addiction more easily than regular sports betting.

Betting on sports and following all of the stats and news that go with this activity can be addictive on their own.

When you add to this the frenzy and constant action of live sports betting, you can quickly develop an addiction without even noticing it until you lose more than you can afford.

So, if you generally have problems managing your sports betting bankroll and controlling your betting urges, live sports betting might not be for you.

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