The Best Casino Hacks for You: Tips & Tricks for Your Next Casino Visit

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Last Updated: July 26, 2022

Alex Zlatanovic

Smart players know that gambling at any capacity involves risk. You could rock up at the casino with the best tips and hack known to human beings.

And yet, there’s no guarantee that you will walk away with pockets full of cash.

Welcome to the amazing gambling world, where everything boils down to luck.

Sometimes casino gaming goes our way, and sometimes we have to leave empty-handed.

As a casino player, you might have faced the dilemma while placing a wager – you want to win but are aware the odds are mostly in favor of the house.

Of course, there are things you can introduce in your gameplay that can make a significant difference.

We are talking about casino hacks and tips that can actually work while playing. Whether playing online slots or sitting at a roulette table, it pays to be innovative.

This article will cover some of the essential tips and hacks that can make you smarter and a confident gambler.

16 Casino Hacks to Improve Your Winning Chances

Effective Bankroll Management

Proper management of funds is a good gambling habit. Therefore, making adequate use of money by setting gambling limits is an essential skill you must learn before joining the adult club.

Learning the art of managing the bankroll is essential for any gambler who is yet to make his first winning.

When you set limits, you are playing under control, and it keeps a check on your bankroll that you aren’t overspending.

Learn Card Counting and Other Blackjack Strategies

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Casinos don’t like the idea and discourage players from learning to count cards in blackjack.

While there is nothing illegal in it, the worse that could happen is you will be asked to leave the table.

Many players have won an exorbitant amount of money using card counting systems like Omega II and Hi-Low. However, you can definitely use these hacks to improve your chances of winning.

Basic Casino Hacks: Look for Smaller Jackpots

A few things bring great joy to life, and one of them is winning the jackpot while playing casino games.

Whether you’re playing roulette, keno or slots, you will feel the urge to play jackpots that offer crazy money.

Remember that the money from the payoffs usually comes when everyone’s participating. These days, numerous online casinos provide innumerable jackpots while playing.

Previously, jackpot slots were aimed toward higher payoffs but not anymore. Nowadays, you can find numerous jackpots that pay by the hour, day or after reaching a particular figure.

Therefore, one of the best casino slot machine hacks would be to keep an eye on the smaller jackpots because you will have better odds of winning money.

Use Underhand Motion to Throw Dice at Craps

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Craps is the only game that casinos can trust the player to handle the dice. So you can use it to your own advantage by learning how to throw dice.

Dominic Riggio developed a particular throwing motion.

You should aim that you don’t get seven on the roll of dice. It can be achieved by holding the dice as if no two sides add up to seven.

So, throwing the dice on the craps table using underhand motion, it doesn’t roll over and lands flat on the table.

Useful Casino Hacks: Make Smaller Bets

You will never hear a professional gambler advising you to ‘go Big or go Broke.’ If you have received such a piece of advice, it’s terrible, and you shouldn’t pay any attention to it.

The faster you lose your money, the quicker you have to move out of the casino.

Not only this is a foolhardy way of vanishing your bankroll quickly, but you are entirely relying on luck at the expense of skills or strategies.

Unless the casino game rules tell you to wager more, we never recommend players to bet more to win big.

The probability of winning is the same whether you have placed a bet of $1 or $500. But you will definitely have more gaming sessions when you wager $1 instead of $100. So make smaller bets for more extended gameplay at the casinos.

Advanced Casino Hacks: Use Dealer Error to Your Advantage

Dealers are also human beings and are likely to make mistakes at one time or another.

Just like players are distracted by the light and sound at casinos, dealers also sometimes make errors of judgment.

Nevertheless, the error is helpful, especially with the game of blackjack, where the dealer has to calculate whether they should stand or draw a card.

Players have tried different ways to confuse the dealers and make them commit mistakes. Some methods include flirting, showing skin, putting on an intimidating face and talking loudly.

We don’t recommend you to do any such things. Instead, keep an eye on the dealer and wait for them to make a mistake to use it to your playing advantage.

Don’t Bet on the House Edge

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The professional gamblers and experts know how the house edge works while playing a particular casino game.

So, before playing, they do some research and homework on how much the casino will earn from the game over a period of time.

The idea is that the casino takes 10% of the player’s wager, and you get to keep the remaining 90% of the money.

However, the truth is most players lose on bets. The low house edge doesn’t mean you will hit the jackpot with the next spin, or the white ball will land on your chosen number across the roulette wheel.

The house edge has nothing to do with the player’s wager and works only when you’re playing for a long time.

The same holds true for RTP or Return to Player. So, for example, if the house edge is 4% and RTP is 96%, it’s an excellent ratio but only applies for long-term bets.

Stalk Slot Machines from Time to Time

Many stalkers roam about casinos to find how excellent or lousy slot players are doing.

If they find a game that hasn’t paid players for quite some time, they immediately pounce on it once the previous player leaves the machine.

It is one of the casino machine hacks that is based on the belief that you’re likely to win if the slot hasn’t paid in the past.

Progressive jackpots are one of the popular slot games that people keep an eye on as it offers jackpots after reaching a specific limit.

Understand the Difference Between Luck and Skill

Games of skill like slots, roulette and keno are challenging to win because you don’t have any control over the game outcome except by placing a wager.

After that, the outcome is decided by the secret powers, known as Random Number Generators in the casino dictionary.

On the other hand, games of skill like poker and blackjack require previous experience and training to play successfully.

While the rules are more or less straightforward, the statistics are immutable and unforgiving.

So, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to spend your money playing games of skill or want to test your luck with games of chance.

Simple Casino Hacks: Make Best Use of Casino Offers

The brick-and-mortar casinos offer comps and freebies to players, and you should use them fully.

If you are offered a player’s card at the casino, ensure that you complete the signup process.

The same thing applies while playing at online casinos, where you get bonuses and promotions on a weekly/monthly basis.

These bonuses increase the capital in your betting account, which can be used to play longer and improve the chances of winning casino games.

Play Slots with Highest RTP

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If you haven’t heard the term RTP before, it means Return to Player. It’s a certain money percentage fed into slots which are later paid to players.

The best slot machines you find at casinos (unfortunately occupied by players already) offer the highest RTP in the range of 96%-98%.

It doesn’t mean you will win 98 times out of 100. However, when playing slots with the highest RTPs, you will have better odds of winning the game at frequent intervals.

Avoid Playing Keno

Don’t play keno at casinos because the game offers the worst deal to the players. In some cases, you will find a house edge of over 35%, making it impossible to match twenty numbers on a 20-spot ticket.

Unless you prefer the company of fellow Keno players or crave the social atmosphere at land-based casinos, we recommend spending your money elsewhere on the gambling floor.

Keep Control over Drinking

This is by far one of the easiest casino hacks to understand but a difficult one to master.

You need to understand the free booze the lovely croupiers offer you is for a particular purpose.

The casino devised a calculated strategy in the form of complimentary drinks to blur your thinking capacity and mitigate the skills you will bring to the game while playing.

Of course, you can drink your heart out while playing keno. However, with a house edge ranging between 20% to 40%, no amount of abstinence will save you from losing the game.

On a serious note, we don’t recommend taking more than a couple of drinks; it will impair your judgment, and the chances of losing will be high.

Casino Hacks 101: Free Online Training

It sounds like common sense, but common sense seems uncommon these days. Many players are aware of training programs but blatantly ignore them.

So before playing, please ensure you’re thoroughly acquainted with the rules of the casino gameplay.

Thankfully with the free version of real money casino games like roulette online, you can test the games in a virtual environment.

There are numerous sites equipped with multiple betting strategies that you can make yourself familiar with and get confidence with the gameplay.

In addition, you can make your own strategies and hone your skills before you start playing your favourite games for real money.

Practice Makes Perfect

top casino hacks

Want to know the best casino hacks? Start playing the demo version of the game, and that’s it.

But, of course, the more you practice the demo casino games, the better you’re equipped while playing them for real money.

When you play the games for free, not only you aren’t risking a single cent but also understanding the gameplay and devising your own strategies.

As a result, you start to learn the casino game’s rules, hone your skills and get enough confidence to play the real money games.

Track the Time and Money

You might have wondered that land-based casinos don’t have clocks anywhere on the gaming floors.

Casinos use this sneaky tactic to ensure that you play for longer durations.

The enthralling sound, flashing light, attractive croupiers and complimentary drinks are a part of their strategy to make you forget time and lose track of your bankroll while placing real money wagers.

So, you must keep checking the time at regular intervals. In fact, we recommend setting a reminder that can tell you when it’s time to leave playing and head home.

The same applies to money as well. You have to observe the amount won and lost at regular intervals. If you find that you’re losing more or won enough money, it’s time to quit the game.

Final Thoughts on Casino Hacks

These are some casino hacks worth pondering before you play your next casino game online or set foot on the gambling floors.

Using these hacks and tips mentioned above, you are already ahead and have an extra edge against fellow players.

At the same time, these tips can help you win big or improve your chances of winning compared to players who don’t bother giving second thoughts to casino hacks and tips.

But they don’t guarantee that you will win big while playing them. After all, casino games are meant for fun, isn’t it?

Now that you’re fully equipped with the knowledge, it’s time to don your favorite tuxedo or evening dress.

Then, stroll down the game lobby at the land-based casinos with the confidence of a pro player, and we hope you win big.

Happy Gaming!

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