Capping Internet Betting Limits Strongly Recommended by the Australian CQUniversity

Capping internet betting limits

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Last Updated: February 12, 2022


Capping Internet Betting Limits Strongly Recommended by the Australian CQUniversity

Doing research is of absolute importance if we want to resolve any problems regarding a certain industry, and this especially applies to the gambling industry.

Many people can easily get carried away when gambling and the renowned Australia CQUniversity has conducted research to find out how to minimize negative gambling behavior.

The premise of the study was that capping online betting limits is the right method to help punters from developing an unhealthy relationship with betting.

This research was made with the help of the university’s EGRL, which is short for Experimental Gambling Research Laboratory.

The GRA or the Gambling Research Australia greatly helped in making this research happen. They distributed the funds to the school.

The Research Method

Here’s how the research worked. The Central Queensland University sent text messages to over 3,000 gambling lovers in a timeframe of four weeks, encouraging them to set different kinds of limits on their accounts.

People who conducted the research have made some analyses of the bettors regarding the way that those messages influenced how they’ve made bets, the amount of time they invested in betting, and certain patterns of how the punters made bets.

The study has shown that 41% of participants have made a limit on their deposits. On the other hand, more than 50% of bettors from this research made a statement that setting a limit is not a likely option for them.

Dealing with problem gambling

A quarter of punters who have decided to put a limit on their deposits showed some benefits, meaning that it prevented them from spending too much on betting a minimum of one time in a weekly period.

After the study was done, the results showed that 32% of participants set at least some form of betting limits.

Researchers from the CQUniversity have concluded that the majority of online gambling sites don’t encourage their users to set limits while placing bets.

In 2019, betting agencies from all over Australia had to prompt players to make limits while having fun on sports betting sites, online casinos, and so on.

What Limits Are Players Fine With?

The leading researcher from this University, Nerilee Hing found out which limits players like to set. The most common are the ones that concern setting a deposit limit, then the spending limit in total, a limit that concerns a single bet, and the last one is limiting the losses.

In terms of popularity, the least favorite of limits was the one that sets how much time we can play. The study has shown that only 22% of players set the time limit.

Meanwhile, 45.6% of players who have some alarming issues when it comes to betting online have made a minimum of one limit while gambling.

Besides making limits on betting, what else can be done to prevent gambling issues?

One of the options is the technology of facial recognition. This technology can help to determine which players have gambling problems by using some sort of a database and of course, cameras. On the other hand, people could feel like their privacy is invaded.

Another good way of helping gamblers who struggle with excessive betting is to forbid the use of credit cards. The reason is that placing bets with credit cards isn’t cost-effective and players could also spend more money than they possess.

The research was pretty helpful and it showed that messages that encourage players to set limits must be sent often so they could reevaluate their actions.

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