What Is the Casino Host Job & How Much Money Can Hosts Make?

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Last Updated: August 12, 2022

Alex Zlatanovic

You might have heard stories from friends or preferably read on social media platforms how the casino hosts in Las Vegas took care of things like resort fees, show tickets, or meals billed to the resort room.

Hearing first-hand about a casino host leaves many wondering, “What is a Casino Host?” and “What does a Casino Host do for a living?”

So, whether you visit the local brick-and-mortar casino in your city or the Las Vegas strip, a casino host is a marketing professional who will take your experience to the next level.

And since their job revolves around keeping players happy, there are several things casino hosts offer you, including the perks of high roller benefits.

In short, casino hosts build a desirable relationship with players and keep them returning to the resorts repeatedly.

This post talks about the job responsibilities of a casino host in great detail, including casino host salary and some casino host secrets that you would be surprised to learn.

What Is a Casino Host?

As explained by a few casino hosts themselves on Reddit, they are professionals working on the gambling floors to ensure customers have an enjoyable gaming session.

This is primarily done by fostering a working relationship, where they learn about players and help players make the most from their casino visit.

what is a casino host

For many players, it can be perplexing, with some gamblers asking whether the job profile of a casino host is just a glorified booking agent.

While there are some elements of a booking agent in the job profile of a casino host, but more on a holistic level.

They take care of everything you could practically imagine during your visit to the casino.

Casino hosts ensure you have a great time at the resort where they can book hotel accommodations, check on your meals, book tickets, and much more.

They work in the casino’s marketing department, and their sole purpose is to make your stay longer, and you come back to the resort more often.

What Does a Casino Host Do?

The casino hosts are, in fact, the public faces of any land-based casinos. The moment you set foot on the casino floor, they would greet you and answer any questions you have in mind.

In addition, they generally act as a liaison between the casino business and the guests.

The casino host’s primary work is building a relationship with the regular patrons and encouraging them to repeat visits to the resorts.

This includes a world of different things, like booking a comped meal and hosting special events.

As a part of their profession, casino hosts are called to perform numerous things and can go to great lengths to offer the best services you require.

They are available at the resort to assist players and have to report their bosses about justifying their time and casino spending. So, you must be worthy enough for this royal treatment.

For an immersive experience, casino hosts can perform a world of different things like help book dinner or manage reservations.

At the same time, if you experience any troubles, you can always ask the casino host to resolve your problems.

The casino hosts can go a long way in fixing your concerns as long as the request is reasonable.

At times, the job of a casino host requires a lot of babysitting. Many big players sometimes act unreasonably or show inappropriate behavior.

They might throw tantrums, especially while losing. It’s the casino host’s job to keep them cool and smooth over things because they are valuable players.

Casino Host Job Duties

All the big casinos in Las Vegas and other top land-based casinos in different countries have casino hosts working 24/7.

Their work is marketing the business and catering to the needs of the players. The responsibility level of the casino host mainly depends on the resort they are working in.

casino host jobs las vegas

As a daily part of the job, you will have to send regular emails to the high roller players or call them to inform them about different loyalty and VIP programs.

At times, you will be asked to book reservations for highly valued guests and coordinate special events to make their stay at the casino resort meaningful.

Besides resolving player complaints from time to time, you will be asked to perform various duties like:

  • Providing state-of-the-art services ensuring players return home with a positive experience
  • Putting together an itinerary right from handling reservations, offering comps, booking tickets, arranging meals, etc.
  • Explaining gameplay to players and monitoring players to ensure rules are correctly followed with no foul play
  • Attending regular meetings with the casino’s top management and discussing marketing strategies to improve player retention and attract new customers
  • Encouraging players to meet a specific spending requirement on the gaming floor to become eligible for special offers and reward programs
  • Ensuring that the gaming equipment is working correctly, including blackjack tables and slot machines
  • Offering high roller players with information regarding any upcoming events or any particular promotional campaign at the casino
  • Ensuring that the casino resorts comply with game protocols as established by the gambling jurisdiction of a particular state
  • Handing and processing the transaction of players made during gameplay, through POS machine or direct cash
  • Monitoring the behavior of players to identify behavior that might lead to disturbances or security issues on the gaming floor

A Typical Day in the Life of a Casino Host

Checking messages and emails during the start of the day and ensuring proper communication to the particular players and others whoever needs to read it.

Reviewing whom the casino is hosting for that particular day. For instance, there can be highly prolific guests with special requirements that the host must plan.

Also, they need to be aware of the minute details of such guests to avoid last-minute hassles.

During their 8-hour shift, the casino host has to check their messages frequently. Then, based on the messages, they have to get back to guests who need a response through email or call, depending on the urgency.

Take time from the busy schedule to hit the gaming floor and spend time with the high roller players.

Depending on the guest portfolio, the casino host has to commit themselves to a chunk of their day talking with the guests and trying to be friendly, so they feel at ease.

At the same time, the casino host has to spare some time with their fellow workers to ensure that the guests are having an enjoyable time out there.

After spending time with the guests on the gaming floor, the casino hosts return to their office to find some quiet time checking new and prospective customers.

Next, they prepare a list of players who haven’t visited in a while and probably give them a call.

Once they find interesting leads, the casino hosts must regularly follow up with the clients and invite them to the resort. Generally, it’s done via phone, and you must possess good telemarketing skills.

casino host secrets

Keeping track of the vital line of communication between guests. They have to manage different tasks like making reservations, buying tickets, sending gifts, etc., and other responsibilities to follow from time to time.

Checking players’ play reports and contact logs and cross-checking any bookings or reservations made by guests. Ensuring proper reporting for all leads and contacts with adequate sharing of information.

Once the casino host is done for the day, s/he must share the office resources like desk space and computer with the other host.

Then, the casino host must log off their system and leave the desk space clean and tidy for the next host to resume work.

Casino Host Salary and Outlook

Casino hosts are paid hourly, and their monthly salary depends on several factors. Some essential parameters include years of experience, education, and geographic location.

  • Average Annual Salary: $27,500 ($13/ hour approximately)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $55,000 ($26/ hour approximately)

Based on different salary aggregator websites, the casino host’s salary in the United States ranges between $27,078 and $69,829, with the average being $43,707.

At the time of writing this article, the casino host base salary is listed below:

Glassdoor Salary.com Indeed ZipRecruiter Payscale
$69,829 $47,761 $27,078 $28,650 $45,218

Keep in mind that these salary aggregator sites rely on 3rd persons who submit data. As a result, some sites have received higher amounts either on a lower or higher than average casino host salaries.

The casino host is likely to grow more exponentially than average over the next 5-10 years. In addition, growth in this profession is expected if casinos continue to open new branches in different states and jurisdictions.

Factors that Influence Casino Host Salary

The casino host salary is based on numerous factors like work experience, job location, and skills. We have taken a closer look at their salary below:

Experience Level

If you have many years of experience, your salary will increase accordingly. Generally, the more the number of years you have spent working, the more you will earn.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and National Compensation Survey, here’s how experience can have an impact on casino host salary –

Experience Level Annual Salary (approximate)
Entry Level (less than 6 months) $27,000
Early Level (1-4 years) $33,000
Mid Level (5-9 years) $41,000
Experienced (10-15 years) $51,000
Late Career (20+ years) $72,000

Geographic Location

The place where you live also impacts the overall casino host salary. Suppose you are working in a big metropolitan city.

In that case, you are likely to earn more compared to places with a lower cost of living.

Here is a list of casino host salary across major cities in the United States based on data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

US States Annual Salary (approximate)
Salt Lake City $37,000
Oklahoma City $38,000
Indianapolis $38,000
Omaha $38,000
Las Vegas $53,000
Denver $52,000
Washington DC $54,000
San Francisco $58,000
New York City $60,000

Ways to Increase Casino Host Salary

Now that you have a better idea about casino host salary, it’s time to learn about different ways through which you can boost the overall salary.

Strengthening of Skills

To become competitive for promotions and higher paying positions, you need to pursue and improve in-demand skills like:

  • Marketing: Developing campaigns to promote the resort to potential guests
  • Sales: Cross-selling of different casino services like hotel rooms and show tickets
  • Event Planning: Planning and coordinating special events like concerts, etc.
  • VIP Services: Arrangement of complimentary services like hotel and dining
  • Customer Service: Offering state-of-the-art services to different guests

Know Your Worth

Casino hosts’ job responsibility is to keep the gamblers happy and satisfied. Once you are good at this profession, never hesitate to ask for a raise.

casino host salary

You can back your request for a payment hike with numbers and sales figures. Like revenue you have generated and positive feedback from different players, including VIP guests.

Seeking Regular Feedback

As a casino host, you should be able to read people’s minds and adjust yourself based on their approach.

Ask feedback from the players and guests at regular intervals, which can help hone your overall skills and make you a valuable asset to the casino.

This, in turn, can make you an important employee, which means you will be eligible for a pay raise.

Casino Host Job Qualification

If you want to join this profession, you must fulfill some essential requirements. The same is listed under the following headings below:


To become eligible for casino host, you must possess a GED certificate or hold a high school diploma. However, the chances of hiring are preferable for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in business or hospitality.

These candidates have the required skills and understanding of business and hospitality principles that can be applied in the casino host job.

Training and Experience

After primary education, you must have a minimum of six months of training in customer service.

In addition, many casinos offer on-job training to candidates hired for casino host jobs where they can learn skills like handling prospective clients, managing customer complaints, and interacting with gamblers.

Characteristics and Skills Required by Casino Host

Anyone can be a bad host, but it takes some skills that make you a great host loved by hundreds of players and VIP guests.

So what does it take to be a great casino host? We have jotted down the fundamental skills below:

Great Communication Skills

As a casino host, you must regularly engage with guests being hosted, sometimes not under ideal circumstances.

For example, you might have to solve a particular problem the guest is embroiled with or negotiate a compromise to keep the player happy.

So good communication skills are paramount to success. How you communicate with the guests will have a far-reaching effect on the overall business of the casino.

Enjoy Working with People

Whether the guest is a natural introvert or an extrovert who puts on their outgoing personality for work, your primary job is to deal with such people with a smile.

To become successful in this profession, you must possess the skill of walking to a perfect stranger and building a relationship that not only works for that moment but makes the guest visit the casino regularly.

how to become a casino host

If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy working with people and prefers solitude at work, you won’t enjoy the job role of a casino host.

Professionalism at Its Best

While the casino host job requires a certain level of charm and winning the guests’ hearts, you need to understand they are not your friends.

Therefore, you have to maintain your professionalism and don’t joke around with the guests showing inappropriate behavior.

Having Good Business Sense

As much as it is your job to ensure the guest has an interactive gaming session, you need to keep in mind that the casino’s revenue is also growing with your efforts.

Therefore, the host must strike the right balance between the client’s gaming needs and the company’s financial needs.

Problem Solving and Time Management

As a casino host, you must possess good problem-solving skills to identify issues and resolve them promptly.

Sometimes, you will have to resolve player disputes ensuring the games are played correctly, and the gambling area is safe.

Since you will be performing multiple duties during your shift, you must prioritize your work and manage the time accordingly.

When you possess good time management skills, you can handle clients and guests better.

Final Thoughts

We hope that by the end of this article, you have gathered plenty of information about the job role of a casino host, salary, and the prerequisites to become a good casino host.

Suppose you are attracted to the glamorous world of casinos and like interacting with people. In that case, a casino host can be an ideal job.

The qualifications are not stringent, but you must hone your skills frequently to have a competitive edge over your colleagues.

The gambling world is getting competitive, and there is always a requirement for quality casino hosts to fill in the jobs.

If you’re contemplating working as a casino host, hopefully this extensive guide will help kick-start your career!

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