Cheating at Roulette – Popular Tricks & Top Reasons Why Not to Cheat!

cheating at roulette

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Last Updated: October 5, 2022


Since the evolution of gambling platforms that feature real money wagering on games of skill or chance, the temptation to cheat has been there.

Many players are not ready to rely on luck alone and use cheap roulette cheat tricks to get an unfair advantage over the house.

Roulette involves less strategic decision-making and more of bankroll management. French Roulette holds a 1.35% house edge while European Roulette has a 2.70% casino advantage, which isn’t great, but it’s pretty good as far as casino games go.

Some players, don’t like going against the odds and turn to various roulette cheating techniques to ensure the win.

We are bringing you popular tricks used for cheating at roulette, which you probably shouldn’t try at any real money casinos.

Why Do Players Cheat in Roulette?

Roulette is a game of managing your chips and placing the bets right. Commonly used legit roulette strategies are wheel bias and dealer signatures, which we’ve explained in detail below.

Meanwhile, there are shortcut roulette cheats that many players apply on the roulette tables to negate the house edge.

Do you know how to cheat on Roulette? There are many ways and tricks that could help you to cheat in this game but you should be aware of the consequences.

Players with a strong will to gather maximum earnings from a roulette table opt for such unfair practices and strategies.

Some might chase their past losses, while others are tempted to try the roulette cheat tricks for fun during their gambling time.

Keep in mind that this post on cheating at roulette is purely informative and depicts the tactics and practices commonly used by those willing to do whatever it takes to win.

Common Methods for Cheating at Roulette

Most roulette cheats explained here are illegal, and especially those involving wheel tampering or sleight-of-hands tricks.

Other methods try to hinder the online casino software and tamper with technology to cheat in the game.

Let’s get started with the list of roulette cheat tricks. Some are extremely simple, while others have a high level of difficulty.

Past Posting

Past posting is the most unethical cheating roulette sleight-of-hand technique widely used by roulette cheaters for the past several centuries.

It includes chip placement over the winning number once the roulette ball stops on the wheel and the winner is declared.

Though it sounds like the simplest cheat trick in roulette, the chances of getting caught here are very high. For those who can do it undetected, though, this trick can bring them a lot of money.

Players with a notch of swift hand movements and perfect timing can apply this cheating technique successfully.

If you take too long to bring up the chips on winning numbers, the pit boss, security cameras, or the dealer will likely catch you.


The next trick on how to cheat on roulette is the ‘pinching’ method. It is similar to the past posting, but it requires even faster movements.

The primary difference here is that you remove the losing bet instead of adding a stack of chips to the table.

Players silently take off their chips from the losing numbers as the ball stops rolling and the final results are out.

Pinching and past posting techniques demand a similar skill set, with the only difference being the opposite movements.

If you are not agile enough to grab the chips back without being caught, you will get in trouble, and you could even face legal consequences. Pinching back the wagered chips needs perfect timing to ensure no one is looking at you.

cheating roulette

A roulette cheat master Richard Marcus was a proper master of this technique. He and his team would sweep $5,000 chips from the losing bet and leave the stack if the ball landed in a winning number

Marcus earned a whooping sum of money with these cheating techniques but got banned by all Las Vegas casinos.

Surprisingly, he now helps casinos to trace cheaters applying similar techniques and even provides lectures on the same subject.

Cheating at Roulette by Colluding with Dealers

In some cases, the cheating roulette strategy is applied by the dealer and the gambler together.

They come along to cheat the house as the dealer is involved in past posting and allowing other players to post the late bets.

In this scenario, there is an out-of-the-casino agreement between the dealer and the player. It is easy to identify as the player would head up the same dealer’s table each time to apply the trick.

Both the dealer and player here are smart enough to pretend to hide the fact they know each other to avoid the potential scrutiny by casino security or other smart players.

When players and dealers collude, they make the whole thing appear like a regular roulette round, and the dealer secretly piles up casino chips for the winning bets and neglects the late wagers made by the player on the other end.

This form of roulette cheating usually happens during the slow hours when there are no gamblers to spot suspicious activity. Players who do not take part in the plot might instantly catch off the culprits here!

One such example of collusion with the dealer occurred in 2016 at the Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Here, the player and dealer earned around almost $30K using the scam.

Dealers placed chips on the winning numbers, and players claimed the winnings Another gambler spotted the suspicious activity and immediately reported it to the casino management.

The casino then went through the footage and got in touch with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) to handle the issue.

The ensuing investigation also identified that even the table games supervisor participated in this cheating scheme.

Magnetic Balls

The next deliberate tactic of cheating at roulette is using a magnetic ball. It is far trickier than it sounds, as tampering with the wheel with a magnetic ball is not so easy.

The cheating plot is easy to spot as the ball quickly lands at the magnetic pocket.

Players must create the combination of the magnetic roulette ball and the electronic device, and we have yet another example to explain this.

The incident happened in 2003 at an Austrian casino.

The gang of roulette cheats planned to install a remote-control-based magnetic roulette ball over the table.

The scheme included the use of a hidden watch that had an electromagnetic field used to force the ball to get into a certain wheel portion.

how to cheat on roulette

The precision of the electromagnetic watch was quite high, as it could easily manipulate the ball over three desirable points.

So, the team could not win every spin, but the art of handling the ball with accuracy helped them to make profits of over £250,000.

The charm of this cheat trick worked for a few weeks, until the croupier’s cufflink was stuck to the wheel, and floor supervisors traced a unique device that created magnetism.

Though the cheating gang fled from the casino, the surveillance footage helped identify four Germans and one Austrian who participated in this scandal.

Wheel Rigging Technique for Cheating at Roulette

Wheel rigging is also amongst the top methods for cheating at roulette, where the wheel favors certain numbers.

It is often done by loosening certain wheel sections, developing a deadening effect over certain pockets and increasing the probability of the ball landing at desired spots.

Rigging of the wheel is also possible by fret alteration that leads to pocket division. Here, the shaving of wooden frets leads to the barrier created for the ball that lands in certain affected pockets.

Pierre Dugal is a famous gambler who showed the world how to cheat on roulette with the wheel rigging.

He would hide in the bathrooms of the 19th century casinos. He waited until the casinos stopped working and visited the gaming floor with his toolset.

Dugal smartly shaved down the frets and pockets to improve the odds of the ball landing in certain pockets.

He would then revisit the casino here with his family members during operating hours and placed bets on the biased pockets.

Manipulated wheels helped him earn quite a fortune, but he was exposed by his own wife when she learned that Dugal’s cheating habits weren’t limited to roulette tables.

Roulette Computers and Electronic Devices

During the 1970s, a small group of college physicists had the nickname ‘Eudaemons’ and came up with cheating roulette tricks relying on an electronic device. They used an oscilloscope and a camera to track the motion of roulette wheels.

After that, they calculated the formula with the wheel’s motion to anticipate the point where the roulette ball would land.

roulette cheat

The Eudaemons gang used a computer to retrieve the data while hiding their actions. In its outcomes, an electronic shoe was used to send the signals after tapping them.

These signals reach the player’s chest through another device attached to their bodies.

The number of vibrations that reached the chest-strapped device indicated the number of wheel sections on the roulette table that the player must bet on.

They managed to take in around $10,000 dispersed among the team. One of the members later revealed the secret working mechanism of this device in a British TV Documentary.

Why Is Cheating at Roulette a Bad Idea?

Cheating roulette tricks and tactics might sound lucrative as they provide a shortcut to winning!

But, these strategies rarely end up well. We have seen live examples of such failures in the cases of Pierre Dugal, Richard Marcus, and the Eudaemons, who manipulated the tables and tried to beat the house edge.

We do not recommend engaging in any of the above-stated roulette cheats as you might get banned by the casinos and even face serious legal repercussions.

It is crucial to get familiar with the legality of these matters to know what the wrongly-earned profits might cost you.

Roulette cheat tricks such as wheel rigging, pinching, past posting, dealer-player collusion, and magnetic balls are illegal in most casino jurisdictions.

Shifting the casino odds with cheating techniques or altering the casino software and equipment is an unethical mode of playing.

It can lead to a long jail time as the levels of consequences deviate as per the casino’s territory and jurisdiction.

Note: Before trying roulette cheating tricks, it is advisable to at least learn about the gambling laws of your area. Also, be ready for the embarrassment and the negative repercussions you can face along with being removed from the casino.

Good Casino Security Can Spot Your Cheating Techniques

Experienced cheaters can win a lot of money using the above tricks at the casinos. It is a primary reason why such establishments invest in good quality equipment and security personnel.

Special employees are also assigned to supervise the roulette wheels and other equipment to ensure complete security.

roulette cheating

Do you know that several online casinos have special electronic equipment at the roulette tables that record spins?

It ascertains the unbiased outcomes displayed by the wheels. Besides, many casinos have security cameras installed to monitor the suspected cheaters.

Security personnel trying to identify unusual occurrences can find potential threats using such advanced devices.

Hence, there are chances that you might ruin your reputation even without successfully implementing the roulette cheats.

Another security upgrade adopted by casinos is using RFTCs for avoiding cheaters to counterfeit the chips in the game. It detects unusual big winners automatically to put the casino’s reputation back to place.

What are the Legitimate Ways to Win at Roulette?

As mentioned above, Roulette has many advantage-play methods that are far more effective and legitimate than cheating at roulette. Let’s quickly have a glance over them.

Dealer Signatures

Do you remember we mentioned the use of electronic devices to trace the speed of the wheel and the ball?

It is further eased out with technology as machines can more accurately calculate the velocity.

It is possible when you measure the dealer’s motion of spinning the ball and measure its speed. Tracking the predictable patterns is possible when the ball lands over a few pockets showing up the winning number.

Take note of three things with regard to dealer signature:

  • Where the ball lands vs. the release point of its pockets. (For example, 6-8 pockets)
  • When the dealer’s spin has a consistent velocity
  • When the wheel moves at a stable pace

Trying to find out the relation between the release point of the dealer and the ball’s endpoint is crucial here.

Wager on numbers that arrive in close proximity to the average stopping points. For Instance, if the dealer releases a ball at 19 and you suspect it to land at 12, the tentative betting numbers are 29, 7, 28, 12, 3, 26, and 35.

Wheel Bias

Instead of looking for roulette cheat codes, use this advantage-play method, and you might walk away with hefty profits.

This strategy involves scrutinizing the wheel and finding out its outcomes. Your goal must be to ponder hundreds of spins and create data of potentially biased numbers.

Wheel bias is usually based on the roulette wheel and its cycle of favoring certain numbers without any outside tampering.

This is a tedious process as you need to invest a long time to study wheel patterns thoroughly.

We have many successful names who earned a lot of money using this technique, like Joseph Jagger, Billy Walters, and Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo.

Final Verdict

In this article, we’ve provided a lot of information on how to cheat on roulette and shared some advantage-play methods that could put you in a better position over the tables.

There is no shortage of roulette cheat tricks, but are they worth the risk? And what if you get a permanent ban from your favorite casino or worse, face a prosecution?

Winning $10,000 for once and going to jail is a poor gambler’s strategy that we can’t recommend!

Instead, try to churn out small but regular winnings with well-planned bankroll management that might take extensive time and effort.

Eventually, it would make you a polished gambler who can apply their skills to other games of skills or chance like poker, blackjack, or sports betting.

Target long-term winnings and a reputable position as a gambler instead of quick winnings. Good luck on the big chase at the roulette tables with legit and skillful gameplay!

Cheating at Roulette FAQ

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