Where to Buy a Slot Machine & Can You Do So Legally?

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Last Updated: September 12, 2022


How about investing in a centerpiece of enthralling fun, entertainment, and a fantastic gaming device? Slot machines hold the moment now! 

An epic retro vibe of real slot machines enhances its existence with arcade games and unique gaming additions that lure players from all over.

Buying slot machines is a much-debated topic owing to its legalities and cautions. Considering buying a slot machine for home? Is it legal in your state? Where to buy slot machines? 

We have encompassed everything you are curious to know in the post below. Read on before putting your hard-earned money into it!

Is It Legal to Buy a Slot Machine?

If you are already enthusiastic about bringing home a slot machine, sharpen your research first. Knowing legalities, ownership rules, and restrictions is of pivotal importance. 

In general, most states allow buying slot machines over 25 years old to bring down to your home.

Most people buy slot machines solely for fun purposes. This hints at a statutory warning that you can in no way think of creating a profitable casino set-up at your home

Take a serious note of it! Few states in the U.S. might allow buying a slot machine if the game is almost 25 years old or older.

buy slot machines

Earlier, only antique slots were allowed for ownership by gamblers, which was revised to even video slots after their release in 1997. 

We again would like to highlight that rules on buying slot machines vary widely in different countries, and we have tried to gather the best possible data in this context.

Note: The below data is not to be considered as legal advice. Laws in different countries are subject to change, and it is best to confirm with the local gaming regulator before buying a slot machine.

Where to Buy Slot Machines?

Locating an online vendor to get these gaming devices is the simplest way to go. Buyers need to put in minimal research and can collect these gaming memorabilia as antiques to restore the legacy of these devices for countless years. 

It is worth noting that you can get the slot machines at the below-mentioned places:

  • Gamblers Oasis
  • Slot Machines USA
  • Slot Machines Unlimited
  • Slot Machine Resellers
  • Old Time Slots
  • Bright’s Antique Slot Machines
  • San Diego Antique Slot Machines
  • L.A. Slot MacBright’s.,
  • Wee Chin Electric Machinery Inc.

Auction Sites to Buy Slot Machines

Still skeptical about getting these gaming gadgets from legit sources? A few renowned marketplaces online also allow you to purchase slot machines. 

You might be surprised to know that Amazon is not the hub for such machines, while eBay can be the hot spot to buy these perfect gifts for gamblers.

Common listings in the eBays slot machine categories are Glass, Bally, Video, IGT, Jennings, Antique, and Vintage. 

Some of these machines might even cost you thousands of dollars. In the Vintage slot machine category, you can also spot a few interesting items that belong to the 20th century. 

Get a thorough understanding of these machines’ size to prevent being fooled by the miniature replicas listed online for sale. If you find something at very low rates, it’s probably a casino slot toy!

States and Legal Conditions to Buy Slot Machines in the United States

We have broken down the categories of states where buying slot machines is legal and where it’s illegal, followed by the restrictions you should be aware of. 

buying slot machines

In most states of the U.S., the state authorities manage gambling laws, preventing corruption on casino counters. Let’s find out more about it.

Where Is It Illegal to Buy Real Slot Machines?

There are nine states in the U.S. where it is illegal to own slot machines. Some of these are also listed under the anti-gambling bastions. Hawaii and Utah are two places leading this list. 

South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee are other southern states where it is illegal to buy these machines. 

Owning a private slot machine here is a crime. Besides, purchasing slot machines in Wisconsin in Nebraska is also banned.

Connecticut embraces gambling at its two renowned casinos, the Mohegan Sun and the Foxwoods resort. They behold strong anti-ownership laws here to protect the emerging gambling industry here.

Which States Allow to Buy Slot Machines Legally?

The below-stated 12 states of the U.S. have no limitations on the purchase of slot machines. 

However, there are norms for the minimum age of the gambling machine so that the buyers always hold back the vintage designs or older casino slots with their purchase. 

Punters willing to buy any latest electronic slot device cannot buy it legally. List of states where buying slot machines is legal include:

  • Arizona
  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Minnesota
  • Nevada
  • Rhode Island
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Ohio
  • West Virginia

Las Vegas and Nevada are gambling-friendly territories with no restrictions on purchases. Utah also seems to be considerate, although gambling over there is illegal. Arkansas and Texas are the gaming capitals, yet they have no restrictions.

Which States Allow to Buy Slot Machines That Should Be 25 Years Old?

Over 17 states ensure that buying a slot machine is possible for a gambler only if the device is a minimum of 25 years old. 

The idea behind this is that buyers can collect models only to restore the vintage nostalgia of their favorite casino gaming devices and yield no profits from it. 

A List of states that allow purchasing slot devices that are a minimum of 25 years old are:

  • Delaware
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • California
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Virginia
  • Wyoming
  • South Dakota

States With Liberal Laws on Buying Older Slot Machines

A few states allow arbitrary time frames to own a slot machine apart from the standard 25 years outset. 

  • Massachusetts: 30 Years Old
  • Missouri: 30 Years Old
  • New York: 30 Years Old
  • Florida: 20 Years Old
  • Illinois: 20 Years Old
  • Georgia: 50 Years Old
  • Idaho: 50 Years Old

States That Determine Year Condition to Buy Slot Machines

In all, there are five states, along with the Columbia District, that hold a unique perspective regarding gamblers’ ownership of slot machines. 

They adhere to the manufacturing date and year of the slot machine before allowing it for sale, and all of them need to be in the year frame of the 1940s – 1950s. Only people interested in buying antiques would buy such old pieces.

real slot machines

Colorado legally allows the purchase of slot machines manufactured before 1984. The 1980s was the time when the old mechanical reels got replaced with the latest electronic gaming boxes and video slots. 

Thus, the said restriction is imposed by Colorado only to allow the sale of mechanical reels that are now discontinued.

List of states with year restrictions on buying slot machines:

  • New Jersey: Before 1941
  • Pennsylvania: Before 1941
  • Washington DC: Before 1952
  • Vermont: Before 1954
  • Kansas: Before 1950
  • Colorado: Before 1984

Now, if you are located anywhere in the United States, the above data would enable you to know where to buy slot machines and the legal restrictions and conditions implied in different states regarding ownership rules of these machines.

Legalities of Buying Slot Machines Worldwide

Apart from the United States, these popular countries also hold certain restrictions for owners looking to buy real slot machines for personal use.

  1. Australia: It is illegal to buy slot machines in all its states
  2. United Kingdom: Legal to own fruit machines but only with a permit

Is It Safe to Buy a Slot Machine?

Whenever someone plans to buy slot machines, certain inherent risks are associated with them depending on their backgrounds and technicalities. 

Hence, they are considered best to buy as a vintage collection if you bring one home.

On the other hand, if a casino or the gaming authority purchases a slot machine, they have to evaluate its payout percentage, performance, and the tentative profit it can provide over a long period.

Slot machine developers also create devices that can help gamblers to engross in unlimited wagering fun. 

Whether it is legal to buy a slot machine or not entirely depends on who is buying slot machines and the purpose behind it. If you wish to bring it home, the knowledge of state laws stated above can be enough.

Which are the Best Slot Machines to Buy?

Individuals and casinos differ in their preferences in owning slot machines. For personal use, do check the theme offered by the slot and its format, and ensure if the playing structure is entertaining or not. 

Players can also browse through different slot machine categories and choose basic ones with a simple layout. Classic 3-reel slot machines are perfect in this context.

Gamblers looking for action-filled slots and bonus packages need to evaluate devices that can offer a unique wagering experience. Fruit machines with plenty of features can be a great choice.

where to buy slot machines

Remember that if you are willing to buy a slot machine for personal use, you cannot imagine getting the benefits that players avail themselves of in a casino gaming environment. 

You can play on these devices only for fun, as using them for real money play would result in breaching the legal boundaries set by the state and gaming authorities.

Can Value of Slot Machines Increase After Purchase?

While buying slot machines, remember that some of these might appreciate in value while others would eventually turn into scrap pieces. A wise selection can convert your slot machine purchase into an investment. 

Buying older antique and vintage slot machines might be the epic piece in the future, and their value might massively increase over what you had initially paid for them.

Values of slot machines often keep increasing and decreasing as per the ongoing gambling market trends. 

The types of machines discontinued from the land-based casinos are more prominently available at auction rooms or online marketplaces for sale.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Slot Machine

After thoroughly evaluating the details and legalities of owning a slot machine, let’s ponder over essential things to consider before making the final purchase.


Set aside your maximum budget for the slot machine purchase to prevent yourself from going over budget. Consider the additional installation, delivery, and maintenance costs that you might have to incur later on.

Repairs and Services

Remember that you are buying a very old slot machine, which would need repairs if you wish to maintain it in good condition. 

Refurbishments must be part of your total cost estimation as you need someone to install and repair it.


Slot machines are way bigger than you might imagine. Ensure that you have enough space at your place to keep these devices properly. 

You must also figure out how to physically bring them home through the stairs, corridor, or elevators. 

Not thinking about these small details can result in an issue later on. And yes, they are very bulky and heavy. Can your flooring bear the massive weight for a long time?

Dedicated Space

Are you willing to keep these real slot machines at your home or garage? Or is there a separate gaming room for it? 

Find this out before you buy a slot machine, as you cannot shift this hefty piece randomly from here to there. 

It is a pricey deal, and it is essential to ensure all these aspects before you spend thousands of dollars.

Final Thoughts on Buying a Slot Machine

Unsure about space arrangements for your new-old slot machine? How about playing online slots and having your fun that way instead? 

Well, that’s a personal choice, and we bring forth all possibilities and arrangements for indulging in unlimited gambling fun for a lifetime. 

The ones sure about buying slot machines can go ahead with the actual purchase after checking out the details above. 

Visit the top online marketplaces where you can check out a phenomenal collection of these slot machines at the best rates and find your pick!


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