Why Casinos Love Winners – Three Facts That Might Surprise You

Why casinos love winners

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Last Updated: March 8, 2022


Why Casinos Love Winners – Three Facts That Might Surprise You

It’s no secret that casinos are in the business of making money and not making their customers rich.

That said, while many players might think that most casinos only want to exploit players for their money, this is far from being the case.

After all, gambling is just another form of entertainment.

Moreover, casinos don’t have anything against gamblers winning money, and they certainly don’t try to cheat you out of it.

The truth is, casinos generally love winners, especially those who take millions of dollars from them.

So, why is this the case, and how does it make sense from a financial perspective? In this article, we’ll discuss the biggest reasons why casinos love winning players.

They Know How Well Feel-Good Stories Sell

People from all walks of life appreciate hearing a feel-good story. When a casino player wins a massive prize like a progressive jackpot, the casino gets free press for a few days.

The winning player is often presented with a huge check in front of reporters, and the story goes viral in many media outlets.

There’s hardly a better way for casinos to advertise and to get their name on the top 100 online casinos list.

Secondly, such situations often start a stream of word of mouth advertising. Casino customers often like to share their experiences of the casino they play in.

So, a story about a player winning large amounts of money at a particular casino is always interesting to talk about.

This is something casinos love as well, and why wouldn’t they? Word of mouth can spread like wildfire and is completely free for the casino.

All of this excitement and publicity translates to more players coming in to try their luck and perhaps land a big win on their own.

Big winners are good for casino

And, considering that the ratio between winning and losing players is heavily in favor of the latter, the casino is again the one that comes out on top in such situations.

Winners Often Motivate Losers to Bet More

Apart from getting marketing and drawing new customers to the venue, there’s another apparent reason why casinos love winners.

Winning players often motivate losing ones to keep playing. Losing players are the ones that actually finance the casino’s business.

As most casino players lose more than their win, the casino also needs winning players to put them in the spotlight and motivate the losers to continue playing and bet more money.

From this perspective, there’s nothing that casinos love more than a winning player because they know one winner will make many losing players continue playing in the hopes of landing a big win.

This might seem a bit cold, but it’s simply the reality of the industry.

In a way, casino winners are those that keep the “gambling dream” alive for those who aren’t as fortunate to get it for themselves.

Many players spend years, and who knows how much money chasing that single lucky slot spin that could bring them fame and fortune.

Winners drive the action and often make losing players even bet more loosely than they typically would.

The Casino Always Wins in the End

As much as most casino players might think the opposite, casinos don’t really care whether you win or lose.

This is because they always win in the end, even if they have to pay out multi-million jackpots to a handful of lucky players.

The house always wins

Why don’t casinos mind players winning such massive amounts of money from them? It’s simple. Because the winning players aren’t taking the money from the casino.

The casino is simply paying them out from the money they’ve earned through the losing bets of all other players.

Besides this, it’s also crucial to remember that casino games come with a house edge. In some cases, it’s around a couple of percent, while in others, it can go up to a couple of dozen percent.

In any case, casinos rake in huge amounts of money over time.

With hundreds, sometimes thousands of players gambling on their games, casinos earn mind-boggling profits every day.

So, they can afford to pay out a few lucky players without skipping a beat. Plus, as we’ve mentioned above, they get good marketing out of the story while still remaining profitable at the end of the day.

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